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All emotions are not equal, analysis by industry and channel


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We often see research on vocabulary, imagery, or channels when looking at marketing results but Persado has released a report on emotional categories. They compared emotional categories for different industries, channels, geographies, and engagement types.

Healthcare marketers know that our industry is different from others in terms of its structure and the drivers of behavior (patients are exhibiting more consumer-like behavior, but there will always be some differences -Ed). This report doesn’t include healthcare specifically, but does include finance and insurance, a close relative of healthcare, so the results are interesting.

Persado maps emotions onto what it calls its “Wheel of emotions”:


Image from Persado PDF, download for more legible version

Some of the findings in the report are counter-intuitive and this makes is worth downloading and really studying for anyone involved in message development. For example, “Safety” (eliminating worries or doubts) was more effective in retain & eCommerce than it was in finance and insurance where “Intimacy” (addressing or saluting in a way that implies some sort of relationship) won out:


Image from Persado PDF, download for more legible version

Other sample findings in the report show that the difference between the most and least persuasive emotions were non-trivial:

This report is teaser data so it’s not complete but it’s still worth a look if you want to see some clues about high vs. low persuasion for selected emotions.

Source: Persado

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