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7 in 10 US adults track a health indicator

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The latest report from the PEW Internet research group looks at health metrics and how US adults track their health. If you follow this blog you might get the impression that everyone has multiple trackers and attends quantified self symposia on the weekends. We’re unabashedly technology-biased, that’s true, and that’s why data from the PEW is so valuable. This group takes a “ground truth” view of what’s happening in the US market to help politicians and researchers better understand how to create policy that works. Luckily for us healthcare marketers get a free ride on their coattails.

Check out this Conversation with Susannah Fox of PEW on personal health tracking.

The top-line findings from the report:

The technologies used to track these indicators are often simply memory.

The act of tracking creates its own positive outcomes.

The frequency of tracking is split half and half:

People with a Chronic Condition are Much More Likely to Track

These folks are the same as the typical American for tracking weight, diet, or exercise but they are significantly more likely to track more specific health indicators such as blood pressure etc.

Sharing Higher for Those with Chronic Conditions

Most of the data shows that those with chronic conditions are only slightly more likely to update their notes regularly, but when it comes to sharing:

This makes sense, of course. Adults with chronic conditions have more of a reason to be engaged in their healthcare.

Tracking Creates Actions

Now, of course we can’t actually say that tracking creates the actions, more like tracking and taking action is highly correlated. It’s possible that the more engaged personalities simply do both, however it’s still interesting to see that:

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