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23% of HCPs use voice assistants, mostly for drug lookups


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The latest HCP research from Manhattan Research (part of DRG) shows that HCPs are using voice assistants at slightly lower rates than the general public (23% from DRG, 32% from Statista) but their usage is much more directed (I bet at or above their age demographic though -Ed.).

DRG was interested in how this 23% of HCPs were using their voice search. They looked at a few variables:

Drug lookups for dosing were the top purpose for voice access, but closely followed by disease information. HCPs that use voice are looking up professional information and want reputable results back. Pharma information can rank very highly here, assuming the voice assistant is able to correctly spell the brand or generic name of the drug.

Usage & Device

Not surprisingly, the smartphone in the HCP’s pocket is the primary access point for voice and we see that search is dominating usage. Dictation is a strong second though, with some EHR dictation in the mix (HCPs have wanted this for years -Ed.).


The services being used are closely tied to the devices. HCPs love their Apple devices and that hasn’t changed since the iPhone was introduced ten years ago. The only note to the above was that “Google” was all mentions, including both Android and search.

Pharma marketers should monitor this activity and ensure that their content is showing well on the different devices. Since Siri on the iPhone defaults to Microsoft Bing as its search engine it is important to ensure your results show well there. Here is an example of a Siri search for “Crestor dosing”:

Source: Decision Resources Group

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