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Why you need mobile usability testing [video]


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Building a web site involves a lot of guesswork. When making decisions about how to simplify things for users, we as designers rely heavily on what “feels” right to us. We constantly remind one another that we are crafting digital experiences for our users, not for ourselves. Even with over 75 years of collective experience designing web sites, the User Experience group at Klick Pharma often struggles with how to make things easier.

How do we know if we’ve made the right design decision?

Usability testing is an important tool in helping us to answer that very question. In short, usability testing is about asking sample users to try out your web site design and see if it works for them. For example, how easy is it to find prescribing information? How simple is it to download a doctor discussion guide? These are important tasks that our users need to be able to complete quickly and easily, or else they will simply get frustrated and leave. (Post continues after video…)

With the growing number of users accessing the Internet via their smartphone or tablet, usability testing is more important than ever. While standards for the “desktop” Web have had roughly 15 years to evolve and crystallize, the mobile Web is far less mature and still relatively undefined.

Klick Pharma has developed its own custom platform for mobile usability testing. Our unique solution enables us to closely study user behavior and understand precisely where the problems are in our designs. Without usability testing, we simply wouldn’t know if we’d made a bad design decision until it’s too late.

Mobile devices will soon overtake desktop PCs as the primary device people use to access the Internet. We’re excited about the coming mobile revolution and we have the tools today to build the best possible experiences for our clients and their users.

Is your brand ready for the mobile Web?

If you want more information on the Klick methodology for mobile testing, contact Dave Lougheed.

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