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Seven years ago we started a work hobby of collecting interesting news stories that combined the three things that are of interest to Klick: digital, health, and marketing. Two years later the internal newsletter had grown to ~50 recipients and we were using Silverpop to send it out rather than just a mailing list. The obvious next step was to see if anyone external to Klick wanted the information.

Seven years, 8,500 active subscribers, 350 issues, and 4,200 stories (approximate) later the Klick Wire work hobby is alive and well. Of course, if you’re reading this and you don’t subscribe to the Klick Wire, now is the time!

For our seventh anniversary we thought a recap of the headline stories would be interesting. The top story every week is carefully chosen to have the right mix of digital, health, and marketing that our readers crave. Every story gets categorized into a number of topics that somewhat align with the topics on the blog (though they don’t always have the exact same name – “research” is often “insights” for example).

Top Klick Wire Topics

Klick Wire topics over past seven years

Some explanation seems in order.

Research: When writing the Wire we often find research in the form of white papers on various topics. This category tends to be a superset of all the others and so grew to be the largest.

Social: There are two reasons that social is the number two topic in the Klick Wire. First, social platforms have seen adoption rates comparable to the internet, smartphones, or other ubiquitous technologies. Second, I write the Wire and I also lead the Klick Social practice so stories about social tend to be more available and get my attention more easily.

mHealth: The other topic that shares the spotlight with Social is mHealth. This is particularly impressive since it shares some stories with the non-health “Mobile” topic and so gets more diluted than the Social topic.

The next topics, Mobile, Digital, and Regulatory simply reflect the general activity in the market. Media is a bit low and this is almost certainly because many of those stories are data-based and might end up in the “Research” topic.

Topics by Year

Overall, this chart shows the flavor of the Klick Wire but it is also interesting to see what topics were most interesting per year. Here are the same topics rolled up per year:

Klick Wire topics by year

Looking at the two top topics per year we get:

All Headlines in One Wordcloud

When we take the past 350 headlines and build out a word cloud of them the words that float to the top aren’t that surprising:

Klick Wire word cloud of all headlines

We love bringing the latest news that sit at the intersection of:

Thanks to everyone who has joined us for this journey and here’s to another seven years of the Klick Wire! And once again, if you don’t yet subscribe, what are you waiting for? Subscribe and share with your friends.

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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Senior Director leading the social practice. His group ensures that clients get the best bang for their buck on the social platforms.

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