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Is your brand ready to implement lead generation ads? Use this checklist to find out

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Lead generation ads appear to be all the rage in the pharma world, as they are (so far) proving to be a straightforward tactic for injecting fresh leads into a brand’s CRM stream. But is your brand team ready to turn on that firehose?

Lead Generation ads are now possible on a number of social platforms. We wrote about best practices for Facebook lead gen ads a while back, but other social platforms appear to be implementing lead gens in a similar manner. Check out our previous post if lead gen ads are new to you (go on, we’ll wait – Ed).

With brand planning season upon us, pharma brands have jumped at the opportunity of bringing in social leads into their CRM.  But have we paused to think if the extended brand team is ready to receive these leads or are we too busy chasing the latest social shiny object? Unlike other forms of advertising, lead gen ads cannot exist in a vacuum.

The following are a couple of requirements we’ve identified when pushing forward with a lead generation tactic:

If any of these checklist points raise any flags, it may be best to slow down and regroup internally. Listen carefully to your subject matter experts and be as proactive as possible. As with any new tactic, spending a couple extra hours at the beginning during set up will save you from burning hours troubleshooting live content.

Got any questions around lead generation ads? Speak to your Klick Social representative and let’s get started.


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Adriana Munoz-Tayraco

As a Social Media Strategist at Klick Health, Adriana brings 7 years of valuable experience and insights in helping both startups and established companies in the Health and Technology industries in Canada and the United States embrace and navigate social media as part of an overall digital strategy. At Klick Health, Adriana is now pushing the boundaries to provide clients with the voice they need in a constantly evolving social media space, utilizing her knowledge and experience of social media listening, analytics, and metrics tools to help guide her client’s strategic next steps. Prior to Klick Health, Adriana excelled in building and communicating with online-centric communities by serving as a community manager for healthcare-centric community groups in treatment resistant depression, bio-identical hormones, dry eye disease & Sjogren’s syndrome, always providing them with on-topic curated and original content within social media policies and regulations. Adriana earned a BA in Administrative Studies, Honours Marketing from York University and a Computer Graphics Design & Layout certificate from Seneca College.

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