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Engagement marketing in 2015

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The challenge for Engagement Marketing has gotten harder.

For decades, the mantra of engagement marketing has been to “provide the right message to the right person at the right time”.  But now, the challenge has gotten even harder.  In a new IBM and Econsultancy Study, Vice President Research, Stefan Tornquists says, [that goal] “…is now just a part of a larger puzzle.”  He goes on to say that the real challenge is “the right experience for the right person at a time that’s right for them”.

Even as marketers become more sophisticated with data and can do a better job of understanding behaviors and preferences, less than half of marketers interviewed in the study felt they were able to deliver relevant communications and most said they could not deliver personalized experiences.

So, what does that mean for BioPharma Marketers?

We know that the same consumer expectations of personalized experiences apply when those consumers are patients seeking information on their treatment.  The investment pays off when more personalized experiences correlate with higher adherence.

We also know that field representatives are having a harder time than ever in gaining meaningful access to physicians.  And, by using multiple channels, pharmaceutical companies can increase reach by 35%.  Self-directed details aids and email communications are playing an increasingly important role in physician engagement.

Four things you can do to increase your ability to personalize your patient and HCP experience:

  1. Start engagement early. Across Klick Health’s clients, our data shows that patients and HCP’s requesting ‘More Information’ can happen at anytime along the product lifecycle but in many cases, is highest at product launch.  Enabling ‘Now Available’ sites with registration allows marketers to start building rapport from day one.
  2. Collect both self-reported data through registration surveys as well as track digital behavior. The data can help identify where patients and HCP’s are on their product adoption curve so you can tailor communications to increase their engagement experience.
  3. Test and Learn. Whether it is as simple as a subject line A/B test, variable content on websites or full engagement marketing tests, ensure you incorporate testing in your strategy to ensure your investments in patient and HCP experience are paying off.
  4. Involve your Regulatory/Legal teams early. At the beginning of your planning process, building concepts and walking through approval approaches with your internal teams can help increase buy in for dynamic content, segment driven communication paths and engagement across social channels.

Creating personalized experiences that truly engage and motivate patients are the holy grail of engagement marketing in biopharma.  Although the goal may seem too ambitious, every step we make toward creating better health outcomes is a step on a journey we should all be setting out on.

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