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Nobody likes surprises, especially when your marketing timelines and budgets are at stake. How many times have you carefully described to a digital agency what you wanted, only to be delivered something that doesn’t meet those needs?

We believe part of this problem can be solved by building a prototype. A prototype can be thought of as a working model of a product or web site that can be evaluated and changed before a final version is produced. There are three main benefits to creating a prototype:

  1. Try before you launch. A working prototype enables you to “test drive” your product before it goes live. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s much quicker (and less expensive) to change a prototype than it is to update a fully-coded web site.
  2. Ask your end users what they think. Functioning (or “near functioning”) prototypes enable you to ask your end users what they think of using your new product. Again, rapid changes can be made until your end users are happy.
  3. Fewer surprises. Prototypes are a great way to help ensure that your stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and other digital partners are all on the same page. Instead of having to imagine how something will work, a prototype helps to avoid miscommunication and missed expectations.

Prototyping isn’t right for every project. At Klick Health, we’ve been building digital marketing solutions for nearly two decades. We know from experience how to build the best possible web user experience while staying within regulatory guidelines. But with the rise of new platforms such as tablets and mobile devices, prototyping is a great way to break new ground and avoid nasty surprises along the way.

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