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What happens when you put a bunch of industry shapers together with inspiring thought leaders, and add captivating performances and mind-blowing food? That’s the question we’re looking to answer with MUSE, our latest experiment.

Dr E mic MUSE BostonOur hypothesis is that we can create the right conditions for inspiration to spark. Combine inspiration with new connections, and we believe we can impact the future of health.

Shaping the future of digital health is a mission Klick has been pursuing for 18 years. We’ve seen some major shifts – the popularization of the Internet, social, and mobile. We’re convinced these shifts will pale in comparison to what’s coming next.

ELEW MUSE BostonMUSE is about seizing this moment of possibility. About bringing together healthcare innovators – everyone from physicians, patient advocates and health researchers to pharma, biotech and other leaders – energizing them and giving them an avenue to bump into others doing equally inspirational work, have meaningful conversations and connect a few dots along the way.

Leerom Adrianne MUSE BostonWe curated our first MUSE event in Boston last week, and our hypothesis holds. After mingling and engaging with speakers like the most-followed oncologist on Twitter, the acclaimed teen cancer researcher, the ballroom dancing Boston Marathon bombing survivor, and the health lead for Google, guests said things like

“Extremely unique and really cool way for people to have conversations. The speakers were relatable and very inspirational.”

“MUSE was awesome. It’s different, it’s new. I’m in the biotech community and this is great. Spreading the knowledge, spreading the wisdom, making people aware. I loved it.”

Adrian violin MUSE Boston“I’m in the healthcare field and I don’t really get to encounter these kinds of events so this is super original. Super diverse speakers, really incredible setting, phenomenal vibe – it’s great to be here!”

“MUSE was mind-blowing. It was a spark to remind myself to be more engaged and more interested and active in my own life. It was just phenomenal to meet all these different people. I felt like I haven’t done anything like this in a really long time and it was rejuvenating.”

Our experiment has just begun. Next up is MUSE Chicago on Feb 26th, followed by MUSE NYC on March 26. If you’d like to attend, visit the MUSE request page and add yourself to the wait-list. Follow along on Twitter at @KlickHealth.

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