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Our NEW Klick Website – Creating a new destination that better conveys our KLICK Value Proposition – Focused on the Delivery of Digital Solutions – Targeting HEALTH

Coming up with the critical concepts for our new website was a fun, rather straight forward process with a few innovative twists. Our approach blended a capture of our core competencies along with some deeper thinking around our value proposition. Our innovation came from the fact that unlike our competition (where the focus is on what they do), we really walked in our client shoes focusing on benefits when it came to what we communicated and displayed.

Focus on HEALTH

We are a digital solutions company founded in 1997. Many of us came to Klick from the health sector having deep work experience in pharmaceuticals, launching pharma brands and developing and executing health strategy around the globe. We even have a few pharmacists who help us with the big words. Our focusing on HEALTH content and messaging was prudent and core to our business. I think we display our innovative thinking when we focus on health brand need across the product lifecycle. As a pharma marketing guy who has sat across the table on the client side for 25 years before joining KLICK, this for me was a unique approach from an agency perspective as only a company with true health strategy insight would appreciate the different strategic and tactical needs from a product shaping a market for entry compared to a product 2 years post launch in need of expanded positioning or segment penetration.

Digital Strength Powered by ANALYTICS and MEASUREMENT

At our core, we at KLICK have a proven track record of creating breakthrough digital experiences. We lead with insights across the entire spectrum…from creation to execution, from user experience to strategy. So a key element of our new site had to include our focus on delivering DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. We understood from the client perspective that many digital agencies claim to do it all so we wanted to demonstrate in our site that along with technical sophistication and deep health understanding, clients now demand measureable digital solutions. Analytics are the key! In my past life I managed too many pharma marketing budgets that included a great array of tactics that I knew in my heart were not supported by analytics or measurement. Because I could not measure the success or failure of individual tactics, I was reluctant to remove many of them from one year to the next. So with this in mind, I love the fact that we spent considerable effort within our site on communicating the value of our analytical strength

Our Value Proposition

To make brands come alive, we integrate health strategy and experience with technical sophistication delivering for our client’s measurable digital solutions. Also, we never approach clients via a “bait and switch”. We have no A or B teams, no alpha departments. We treat each and every client the same, we deliver digital solutions, enabled by data, with NO SUPRISES. After much discussion, we agreed that this does not solely reflect who we are. I found this very refreshing because it facilitated an opportunity for us to dig a little deeper with our key messages. For instance:

So, we felt strongly that our key communication points on the new site needed to reflect a broader value and this was very gratifying

So, at the end of the day, our new site captures what’s at our core. I’m glad that we approached the initiative from our client’s perspective with a real emphasis on feature and benefit. The whole project was learning for me. If any of you find yourself in a position where you are working on building or enhancing your site, I encourage you to take this same approach.

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