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I am incredibly proud of what everyone at Klick Health has accomplished this past year. We’ve done great work, made a difference in thousands of peoples lives, and grown our team by over one hundred people.

Out in the market we’ve gone from Klick who? to a two-time agency of the year winner. That is amazing, and too easy to take for granted as we rush at full speed to the next big thing. It is very rewarding to take a moment to pause to be recognized by the industry for our accomplishments.

But you know, I’m more excited about where we’re going than where we’ve been. That’s why winning the Vision award at last week’s MedAdNews Manny’s is so deeply encouraging and fulfilling.

The Vision award is given to the organization that best embodies the skills, structure, and balls needed to lead the way. The award celebrates the agency of the future. So we’re not only the agency of 2012 and 2013;  we’ve got the whole future too.

We’ve always known we were leaders in digital health. Now we have the hardware to prove it. We’re not only awesome in the moment, we’re out ahead of everyone else as we race to create our version of the future.

See you there.

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Peter Flaschner

Peter is a digital veteran, with 15 years experience in design and strategy. He's passionate about getting to the heart of a problem, finding the human hooks, and crafting amazing experiences. He's a self-confessed nerd with a fascination for what makes people tick, a terrible musician, a decent photographer, and a very proud dad.

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