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It’s the culture, silly. I have the privilege to lead the creative teams who create some of the best, award-winning, designs for our clients in the healthcare industry, heck, any industry. The way that I support their work is to create a 360-degree culture that gives their natural passions and skills the room needed to express themselves and then get out of the way.

So, what constitutes a culture like that? And how do we create it at Klick?

It starts with hiring

I always want to hire people who are smarter than me. Smarter and different. This is a creative team so our strength comes from being able to debate creative choices, present options, throw them in the fire, create more, and keep only the very best. Then, do it all again tomorrow.

It’s funny to say, but I don’t start interviews asking about the work—I start by asking about relationships, friends, family…what they do for fun, what is their favorite movie, artists, etc. That’s because you want to work with people who are your friends and who share your passion for design. That camaraderie has to be nurtured and grown. Left unattended it can wither and, eventually, die.

One of my most satisfying experiences is when I see two (or more) of my team hashing out ideas. They challenge me and one another to see things in a different way and this environment of debate makes our solutions the best they can be.

360 degree environment

We strive to have a fun, fulfilling environment for our people. To this end we have open offices with lots of space to collaborate (and headphones for when we need to hunker down and “git er done”). We have multiple events throughout the year that allow us to bond as a team and as a company as a whole. Some of things the creative group has done recently are:

Not only that, but the Klick offices are a paragon of modern work space. We have formal meeting rooms around, of course, but we also have less formal areas that work to facilitate the quick, impromptu discussions that are the hallmark of a nimble, collaborative design group. On top of that are the Starbucks coffee machine, the free snacks, the ice cream chest, and the on-site gym.

The designers on my team could go anywhere and work at the very highest levels of advertising and creative design… and they do, but I make sure they do it here, at Klick Health.

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Glenn Zujew

Glenn is a 20-year veteran of the new media and health industry. He oversees Klick Health's Creative Services team, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology as well as driving our creative vision and identity. Glenn's team designs and produces interactive communications for the web, intranet/extranet, mobile, and all forms of new media.

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