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CaringCrowd® is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to global public health. But what does that really mean? The platform is a community of individuals and charitable organizations who care about the general health of the world’s population. This crowd doesn’t care about a Cooler masquerading as a blender or stereo. This crowd cares about children in rural Argentina that don’t have access to basic nutrition and healthcare. This crowd is less impressed with those that seek to discover the world’s greatest potato salad recipe and more impressed with the idea of providing the first ever Ultrasound unit to a community in the Congo.

Launched in the fall of 2015 inside Janssen, part of Johnson & Johnson, CaringCrowd found rapid adoption among the immediate circles of project owners and was successful in helping to raise over $100,000 towards projects in just over one year. While this initial success was a great start, they knew that to be regarded as a similar crowdfunding platform as a Kickstarter and GoFundMe, they needed to create a greater community of carers who would do more than make a donation and never look back. They needed to find passionate people who regularly check in on the site to learn about the various projects that are constantly being added and convert to multiple small donations throughout the year. After all, crowdfunding isn’t about waiting for that one major corporation to write a big check, it’s a grassroots effort that relies on small donations from many different people who feel a connection with the project they are supporting.

In the spring of 2016, the wonderful people responsible for creating CaringCrowd turned to Klick seeking to grow the platform into something worthy of their Johnson & Johnson heritage.  They asked Klick to spearhead all of their marketing efforts from events management, to digital and social media. Everything Klick does is designed to unleash the potential in our clients to improve general health. Working with an organization like CaringCrowd, who is advancing global public health through technology and digital, has made this a logical and seamless partnership. Throughout the summer, Klick and CaringCrowd ramped up our efforts just in time for the Global Citizen Festival in September.

When you think of the people that pledge to projects on CaringCrowd.org, who do you picture? If you’re thinking of someone with deep pockets, you’re not wrong, but it’s a lot more than that. The most common members of the CaringCrowd community belong to the millennial generation. This is a generation of carers that is incredibly selective with how they donate their money. Someone ringing a bell outside of a department store doesn’t motivate these carers. They want to give their hard earned money to an organization that enacts visible, positive change in an area of the world that truly needs their help. They cherish the idea of donating directly to organizations and projects that can make an immediate impact on a particular population in need.

Who can engage these community members? Rihanna. And Kendrick Lamar. And Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding. Don’t forget Cat Stevens and Chris Martin. Oh and Eddie Vedder, and Metallica. Millennials are highly influenced by both pop-culture and music, which is why the Global Citizen Festival has become such an influential stage.

This year, Johnson and Johnson signed on with Global Citizen to be a major sponsor of the Global Citizen Festival. As a member of the Johnson and Johnson family of brands, CaringCrowd was presented with a unique opportunity to have a physical presence at the Festival and promote the platform while interacting directly with a group of passionate global citizens.

Combining a physical presence with social media amplification of the experience that was happening in Central Park.,Klick was able to create a unique booth experience for the attendees of the festival and help CaringCrowd capture the attention of thousands of potential new carers Using a plethora of ambassadors dispersed throughout the great lawn, CaringCrowd was able to touch a vast audience in a single day and raise awareness about many worthy projects currently being hosted on the platform.

Since our presence at the Global Citizen Festival in September, CaringCrowd has raised over $105,000 towards 18 different projects. While this amount may not seem like a whole lot, this was accomplished with no marketing dollars to date. The Festival marked a re-launch of the platform and we’ve relied largely on social media promotion. With Klick’s help five of the projects launched since the Festival have achieved full funding. The amount of money raised these past 10 weeks has already surpassed the fundraising amount of the previous 52 weeks, and this trend is continuing to grow at an even faster rate as of the timing of this publication.

The goal over the next few years is to establish CaringCrowd as the only platform that potential donors use to make a donation in support of a global health cause. With the help of millennials, global citizens and a growing community of carers, this goal is well underway.

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