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Google engineer, Matt Cutts, debunks gTLD SEO myth

Hopefully you’re aware of the net global top level domains (gTLDs) coming to an internet near you. If not, check out our blog post on the subject.

One of the arguments for gTLDs has been that search engine optimization (SEO) could improve if companies invest in them. This has been soundly rejected by Cutts who claims that the domain will have no effect on organic search engine rankings whatsoever.

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Huggies makes amends with dads after #poopstorm

In case you needed more proof about how social media makes the collective skin thinner, and more sensitive to perceived mockery, dads have been up in arms about a Huggies Facebook page that had a humorous twist. Check out the Fox News video embedded in the story.

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J&J unit closes Facebook page due to comments

J&J prescription drug unit, Janssen, shut down a Facebook page targeted at the UK because of the number of comments that violated its terms of use (no branded drugs and no profanity). The page, 360 Psoriasis, is still up as of this writing but will be closing soon.

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FDA hearings on OTC access to Rx drugs

On Thursday and Friday this week the FDA held hearings on increasing access to Rx drugs under the supervision of a pharmacist and, perhaps, using technology to help the patient self-diagnose. The hearings are very preliminary and no action should be expected for quite some time on this, probably not in time to help Lipitor.

The guys over at Mobi Health News have their own mobile take on the hearings, we’ll see if they change their story next week once the results are known.

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Tablet users have high expectations

Consumers make snap decisions about your brand when they experience your site. If it loads slowly that can and will skew them negatively. Download times expected:

Compared with desktop load times:

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Twitter promoted tweets now showing up on mobile

Many, if not most, users of Twitter use the service from their mobile devices. Now promoted tweets will show up in the user’s feed, even if the user is not following the promoted account. This is a valuable move for advertisers, it remains to be seen if it will be tolerated by users.

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Boehringer uses crowdsourcing to predict biologic response

Here is an example of crowdsourcing for R&D purposes. With a $20,000 prize, this is a cheap way to get insights, if it works for BI. Are researchers nervous?

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Should you focus on web experience management today?

This is a good summary of why user experience / customer experience / web experience is important. The (extremely) short version of the article is “think about your content and use A/B testing to optimize.”

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