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Listen to our discussion about the trend for users to go “mobile-only”.


Family Caregivers Over-Index for Online Activity

It’s well-known that for some conditions the caregivers do much more research than the patients. Alzheimer’s springs to mind, but there are many more. This PEW report looks at caregivers’ behavior online and is a great resource for anyone who needs to talk to both e-patients and e-caregivers.

“Caregivers use the internet to navigate the frontier of home health care,” says Susannah Fox, an associate director of the Pew Internet Project and lead author of the study. “Caregivers not only care for their loved one’s physical and emotional needs, but their information needs as well, and the internet is a key resource.”

PEW Internet

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Interactive Chat Benchmarks

Vendors can sometimes be in a position to provide compelling, anonymized, benchmarks that others cannot. In this white paper BoldChat provides some anonymized benchmarks for consumer-focused chat, both user-requested and proactive:

As AstraZeneca showed click to chat can be done in Pharma. The benchmarks in the report can help you design the best possible solution for your needs.
For deeper insight, see our blog post on live chat for pharma.
BoldChat (vendor)

PDUFA V Requires the FDA to Provide Internet Guidelines

Inside the recently approved PDUFA V bill is a requirement for the FDA to provide guidance on Internet and social media promotion to industry.

Internet Promotion: Requiring FDA to issue a guidance document regarding the promotion of FDA-regulated medical products using the Internet, including through social media, within two years. FDA has been promising to issue social media guidance for more than three years, and it appears that Congress – like industry – has grown tired of waiting.

JD Supra – legal database

Why Facebook Users Unlike Brands

Once you have Facebook fans, you need to continue to engage to get your message out, but if you post too often be prepared for fans to hit the “unlike” button. The US stats show:

In related news:

AllFacebook Blog

Social Proof on Social Media

Social proof is a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby individuals’ choice is influenced by the perceived preference of others. This eMarketer story, based on a study by Ipsos, shows that one in five US consumers would buy a brand based on a friend “Liking” that brand. This passive form of recommendation is possibly the most important aspect of Facebook marketing for brands.


Women More Likely to Go Mobile-Only for Social Activities

Men and women are willing to go “mobile-only” for different tasks at different rates. Women tend to be willing to go “mobile-only” more often than men.


Asthmapolis Secures FDA Clearance for Inhaler Sensor

One of the first new products to tightly integrate mobile technology with therapeutic products, the Asthmapolis sensor works with most inhalers and sends data directly to the user’s smartphone. The companion app sends the data to central servers so that generalized data is available for epidemiologists have the raw information needed to perform better research.

“In addition to driving better patient-physician communication about asthma management, the tool also gives physicians the ability to quickly identify how patients in their population are doing and take steps to help patients get their disease under control,” Van Sickle stated in the recent FDA announcement. “Our mission is to make it easier for patients and their physicians to do a better job of managing asthma with less effort than traditionally required.”

See the full product detail on the product website.

Mobi Health News

Twitter Makes Mobile Web Ubiquitous… But Will it Increase Usage?

So Twitter has released a much streamlined version of their mobile web experience. Good for them. The question is: will this increase mobile web usage?

In other Twitter news, can they become profitable without losing their user base?


Internet leads channels in growth, still behind in spend

Yet more evidence that digital is taking over from traditional channels.

Internet advertising grew by 12.1 percent, the most of any media channel, but still only accounted for 2.6 percent of the quarter’s total ad spend (equivalent to outdoor advertising’s spend share). Meanwhile TV dollars rose by 2.8 percent and ate up 61.9 percent of total ad spend.

The fun side effect of a small(ish) market is that changes show large growth numbers. This example illustrates how you eat an elephant… one bite at a time.


Happtique releases guidelines on how it will grade health apps

Happtique is creating a service that will certify health apps so that users can filter the thousands found on the app stores and focus on the ones that are trustworthy. It remains to be seen if the certified branding will be worth the review, but anything that cuts through the clutter and helps good medical apps get noticed will be useful. This article highlights the most interesting points in the guidelines document:

Mobi Health News

SMS-replacement gives HIPPA accountability

Startup ZipIt is promoting an SMS-replacement app that will allow message senders to verify when a message is delivered and opened. This allows for HIPPA-compliant messages to be sent to patients.

It remains to be seen whether message confidence is enticing enough for patients to download and install yet another app on their smartphones.

Mobi Health News

FDA Roundup

FDA Website

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