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Watch our discussion about the relevant stories of the week. From left to right in the video:

Brad Einarsen: Director of Digital Insight
Eric Portelance: Digital Strategist
Jon Crowley:  Digital Strategist


Q&A with Google’s chief economist Hal Varian – discussion on Google Consumer Surveys

An interview with Google’s chief economist about how Google performs “now-casting” to find out what is happening in economies around the world. The video is reasonably long, 17 minutes, but is a thoughtful take on how to use realtime data to help with economic decisions for governments and firms.

At time 7:11 the conversation turns to Google Consumer Surveys. This tools was launched earlier this year and is being rolled out as another method for advertisers to gain more insights into consumers in general. An example is given as 2000 surveys filled out in ~2 hours at a cost of $0.10 per survey. The discussion turns to the validity of surveys in general and is a very interesting conversation.

The Economist

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Mediamind releases short report on rich media and video ads

Mediamind analyzed the results from 24,000 ads over more than 12 billion impressions between July and December 2011. This aggregated data showed that video ads resulted in:


ICANN’s “reveal day” shows health activity for gTLDs

For a more in-depth post, see yesterday’s “The new domains on the horizon“.

On Wednesday, June 13the the ICANN has released the names that have been registered so far in what it dubbed “reveal day”. So far the healthcare world is only lightly represented. The following pharmaceutical companies have filed for names:

Also registering names are health insurers Aetna and Wellpoint as well as the American Heart Association and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

An interesting aspect of the revealed list is the conflicts it highlights. For example, Merck has another bidder for its name so a further bidding process will be required. There is also high demand for the word “health” but all of the bidders look like domain companies, not legitimate healthcare information providers.

Many healthcare companies are not included on the list. It remains to be seen whether squatters will be able to buy their names.

In related news, AdAge reports on the conflict between Google and Amazon over some of the more hotly contested names.


comScore (and Facebook) show effectiveness of social marketing

Two weeks ago we reported on Chevy dumping Facebook because of lack of response. That event (Chevy, not the Klick Wire story) triggered a wide-ranging discussion about the value of Facebook in general, and its advertising in specific.

A new report by comScore and Facebook (conflict of interest!) shows that social media activities, both organic and ads, are useful. This report is important because it uses comScore behavior data which is much more reliable than other studies based on self-reported surveys.

You can download the white paper, The Power of Like 2, from the comScore site.

In related news, eMarketer reports that advertisers can find better return using Facebook Sponsored Stories than standard ads. This analysis looks at the revenue generated by the ads and finds that the prices have gone up which indicates higher competition for the spots. Also, consumer brand think tank, L2, releases its top-100 list of brand sites on Facebook. No healthcare marketers are on the list.

Also, Mashable shared four ways to optimize Facebook ads:

Get the details in the Mashable article.


Tablets shopping fuels “couch and pillow” commerce

eMarketer forecasts 106% growth in tablets for 2012 and predicts that 22% of the population (29% of Internet users) will own one by the end of the year. This continued growth of the devices, combined with the prevalence of shopping activities on them, makes the user experience (UX) design for the platform very important, and different from other platforms.

The shopping experience is decidedly different than the health research experience, but some of these finding point toward similar requirements for brands that want to provide relevant health information online.


Gamification grows up

This is a full magazine article (PharmExec opens in a virtual magazine reader) about gamification. The article shows an HCP tool that helps explain conditions to patients using a playful interface. Also, there are a number of definitions of “game” in the article which are thought-provoking:

Also in this issue, Can Social Media Give Big Pharma Back its Reputation?


Apple product announcements – what they mean for digital marketing

If you know an apple devote (or if you are one) then you know that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was hosted this week and the new product announcements were made public. These are always surrounded by fanfare but since Apple is the maker of the most important mobile devices in healthcare marketing we decided to cover a couple of the relevant announcements here.

Also of interest are some stats about the App store for anyone considering creating an app:

Huffington Post

Forrester on the future of interactive marketing

Adobe has commissioned Forrester to release on of their studies on the future of interactive marketing for free. The link on this article takes you to the registration / download page. This article documents the continued rise of interactive marketing and predicts that in the future all marketing will be interactive. It also talks about where the population is going with connected technology by 2014:

Adobe Report Download

Online media continues to grow – 15% in Q1 2012

This story is all about the stats:

Online Media Daily

Half of consumers like mobile health, doctors disagree

A study by PwC shows a disconnect between what consumers think about mobile health technology directed at them and what doctors think about it. In summary:

The story also links to two other resources:


FDA Roundup

A Tweetchat on the topic of FDA regulation and health apps. Full transcript available at site.

FDA Website

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