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Pharma clients, thought leaders, and partners descended on the French Riviera this weekend to experience the fourth annual Cannes Lions Health festival. Featuring an incredible line up of speakers, sessions, and gala events, Klick was there and has returned to tell the tale.

For 64 years the Cannes International Festival of Creativity has been showcasing the world’s best creative from communications, marketing, entertainment, design, tech—and for the past four years, Health. The coveted “Lion” is recognized across the planet as the ultimate accolade and shining symbol of industry-shaping work, attracting over 2,000 entries in pharma and health categories, an increase of more than 40% from last year.

That surge should come as no surprise, since the need for audience engagement and emotional authenticity has steadily penetrated the once-stubbornly traditional pharma communications landscape. Gone are the days of tissue paper prescribing information printed in 2-point font, today’s epatient instead demanding the same convenience, personalization, and creativity they receive from digital services such as Amazon and Netflix.

The paradigm shift in consumer expectations explains why tech behemoths including Google, Facebook, and Twitter were also in attendance at Cannes, meeting up with clients and partners eager to take full advantage of the inexorable shift from broadcast media and print to digital and social channels. Beyond media, medical technologists from IBM Watson, Control Bionics, and other innovators showcased the latest devices and software.

From wearables to machine learning, voice activation to health apps, the convergence of health, communications, and technology demands seasoned creative expertise at its core. Healthcare communicators are coming to understand that behavioral change ultimately happens through compelling, emotionally resonant storytelling. Creativity drives any campaign, regardless of the tech, an optimal blending of head and heart winning the Lion.

Creative Playground

Trending #KlickAtCannes, the Klick-sponsored MM&M Creative Playground showcased the convergence between creativity, art, and tech. Featuring a line-up of innovation icons, tech thought leaders, global creative artists, and cutting-edge healthcare demos. Topics included the feasibility and application of artificial intelligence, proven problem solving using machine learning, and the sharing of best practices to get the most out of compliant and effective pharma creative.

Distinguished guests included world-renowned photographer Platon and acclaimed architect Bjarke Ingels—with presentations by Chilean street artist Dasic Fernández and DJs Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis. “We’ve had a lot of fun injecting Klick’s unique brand into the festival, connecting new dots in science, art, and technology to inspire the healthcare industry and help take it to new and exciting heights,” said agency CEO and Co-founder Leerom Segal.

Sound intriguing? Well you don’t have to go to the French Riviera to infuse your brands with the creativity and passion of Klick Health.

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