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Today, we’re launching our “What is Culture?” video within a new recruitment website that is designed to provide prospective talent with a glimpse into how we see the world. Culture is sometimes amusingly misused, so in the interest of clarity, we saw a necessity to share our perspective.

The Klick Careers video

The Klick Careers video

Ultimately, culture shapes how people feel, behave and make decisions. In other words, we believe that culture is everything!

Most organizations focus on the “feeling” part of culture. In describing their culture, they highlight perks, office environment, free food, and cool parties. We consider these and many more characteristics as part of how we quantify mojo. At the same time, we believe that this is simply the ante. To truly feel fantastic, a team needs to be energized. This can be driven by meaningful work. That said, more than anything, it is shaped by the degree to which those individuals working with us are inspiring. To us, this has always been our highest order priority. We view our mission as creating a center of gravity for the greatest minds. We work to qualify for the right attitudes and behaviors. And, we’re relentlessly pursuing experiments into how to find the most inspiring team members, as well as mechanisms to unleash their endless creativity. It’s really amazing what you can accomplish when you simply challenge an energized team with something they believe in.

Act Decisively

It's who you work with and what you do that matters

It’s who you work with and what you do that matters

Newsflash – how people behave isn’t a function of shiny employee handbooks or values posters with flowery language and soaring eagles. It isn’t the aspirational statements or the usual corporate rhetoric that matters. Behavior is shaped by HOW decisions are actually made. People develop a sixth sense for how people progress in every organization. It is our belief that which people get promoted and recognized, shapes behavior more than words. If political people are celebrated, over time politics will prevail. If they are treated like a cancer that’s to be melon-balled out of the organization, over time the organization develops immunization. By eradicating individuals with poor behavior, even if they are super smart and performing, the standard is established. So if you want driven people that are also empathetic, optimistic, and authentic, start with hiring for those qualities. But if you made a mistake, course correct super rapidly and you strengthen your culture.

Clarity and Motivation

Genome ties our work lives together: effort, results, fun!

Genome ties our work lives together: effort, results, fun!

At Klick, we trust our people completely and as such we obsess over how to surface the right information in front of them at the right time. We instrument everything and deliberately experiment with how to provide the best heads up display to our team. We simply believe that motivated people, enabled by better technology will lead to better decisions than any process or policy could ever achieve. We therefore believe in empowering our people and eliminating bureaucracy wherever possible. In exchange they reward us with insanely great work and customer experiences. In turn, our clients continue to follow the talent and invest more with us. That’s a virtuous cycle!

So let’s put this together. Culture shapes how people feel, behave, and act. People talk, so getting things right allows you to attract and retain the absolute brightest minds. These talented individuals enabled with smarter tools are able to make clients happy. The clients reward us with loyalty. Then, we can take  the profits and reinvest more in a differentiated culture, as well as the management systems that enable it. It’s fairly straight forward and it works for us, so why doesn’t everybody prioritize in this manner?

Why, Who, and How


At Klick Health your work matters

In summary, we believe that how people feel is actually shaped by WHY their work matters and WHO they get to work with. We believe that behaviors are shaped by HOW they see people getting promoted and recognized, as opposed to flowery language or values statements. And we’re confident that by trusting our people and being open to providing better information to our people, we can enable a more evidence based approach to leadership.

So what?

Ask yourself if you’re generally the one doing the inspiring or being inspired… Ask yourself if you agree with how people are getting promoted and recognized… Ask yourself if you’ve got the trust and the tools to perform at your potential… If the answer is no; we invite you to dive a little deeper, do a little soul searching and see if we are right for each other. Maybe you or somebody you know will revolutionize the way we work.

Go to the Klick Careers site now and see what opportunity awaits you.

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Leerom is a founding partner at Klick and oversees projects at the executive level to ensure client satisfaction with quality and on-time and on-budget delivery. An accomplished strategist and technologist, Leerom is committed to surpassing client expectations and building long-term relationships.

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