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Back in the 80s, the tagline for 7-Up was “The Uncola”—an identity forged from the difference between cola (which was derived from kola nuts) and 7-Up (derived from lemon and lime).  

What this laddered up to emotionally was that 7-Up was different. And to stand out, being different was good.

Flashback to June 2017. I had just started at Klick, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with my 13 years of healthcare agency experience in tow. While I was thorough in researching who Klick was and what they do, nothing could have prepared me for one thing: how different they were.

First was getting my head around Genome, Klick’s instance of SenseiOS™, the central online hub that connects the whole company. To say it’s like an intranet is a huge disservice, since those are often associated with stodgy design and wonky functionality. Genome isn’t that at all.

Genome is the glue that keeps a company of 700+ connected (surprisingly well). Project tracking abilities, a daily newsfeed and (my favourite feature) a social media hub called Chatter – it helps you know what you’re doing, what’s happening within the company and what’s going on with the people around you. And these are people I’m glad I met.

A huge part of what makes the culture so unique is that the people who call themselves “Klicksters” are some of the most enthusiastic, intelligent, and friendly you can meet. And not only that, but they do some really cool things, such as: design VR experiences from the ground up; shave off all their luxurious hair (in front of a crowd) to raise money for cancer research; and host numerous events and workshops to help build personal and professional skills, to name a microscopic few. Oh, and there’s also a resident robot.

Shortly after I began working a colleague said something that stuck with me: “You’re going to really like it here. It’s unlike any other agency out there.”

Which brings me back to 7-Up. Just as it was the (un)cola, Klick is in many ways the (un)agency. It’s bold, innovative, and above all, different. And being different isn’t just good in this case – it’s great.

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Anthony Turow

With a diverse background in healthcare, Anthony is always looking to find the sweet spot of where science and storytelling intersect. With exciting breakthroughs happening regularly, he doesn’t have to look far to be inspired.

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