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Everyone wants “The Big Idea” but that’s no longer enough. Staying ahead demands a comprehensive commercialization strategy that integrates people, data, and getting things done.

Let’s take a look at the top evolving trends driving our industry, including scientific visualization, interactive visual aids, regulatory guidance, and social media, and discover how Klick Health is a unique kind of commercialization partner leading the way.


Virtual Reality for Scientific Visualization

What drugs do is a result of how they function at the molecular level, so Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos have been used for decades to simplify the complex and educate healthcare professionals and even patients.

As drugs increase in complexity, the animations necessary to render them have become progressively more sophisticated. Klick Health has taken a decisive leadership role in scientific visualization by hiring the founder and CEO of Hurd Studios, Stephen Biale.

Together with the most talented 3-D medical animator in the industry, Peter Leynes, and the virtual reality pros at Klick Labs, clients receive the strategic advantage of partnering with a fully integrated, in-house team of scientific visualization experts.

While others claim to explore the virtual reality space, the Klick Scientific Visualization department is already creating breathtaking 3-D animations with the Oculus Rift, giving top pharma brands a compelling experiential edge. Talk to Stephen, and let him blow your mind.


Next Generation IVA: The Veeva Difference

Despite ongoing budgetary pressures and a marked reduction in pharma sales forces, the industry acknowledges the fundamental and irreplaceable role of the point of care conversation between sales reps and physicians.

Veeva is a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry, helping companies get the most from that decisive in-office conversation. Klick Health is proud to recently become the first agency in North America to receive Veeva’s Level 4 certification.

“Klick demonstrates its unwavering commitment to customer success and elevates its multichannel service offering with certification across each channel of our commercial suite,” said Matt Wallach, president and co-founder of Veeva.

“We’ve never been more committed to supporting life sciences companies with digital solutions that make their relationships with healthcare professionals more meaningful, relevant, and productive,” adds Leerom Segal, Klick CEO and co-founder.


Off-Label Promotion & Other Regulatory Surprises

Along with the financial services sector, pharmaceuticals and medical devices need to navigate a complicated and often interpretative legal and regulatory reality. Avoiding risk and staying compliant is central, a frequently thankless, always urgent task.

At the core is keeping clients and the patients they serve safe. Expert counsel is especially important as the legal landscape morphs around us, for example when the FDA seems to tolerate off-label promotion while coming down hard on celebrity endorsements gone foul.

“That’s why our clients need regulatory experts with strong medical backgrounds,” stresses Victoria Sherriff-Scott, VP of Editorial Services at Klick Health. “The only way we can protect brands and their patients is by fully understanding the science that supports each claim.”

Practicing what she preaches, Victoria’s in-house medical and editorial team is now 38 experts strong, with 11 doctorates, 3 MDs, 14 MScs, and numerous editors with post-graduate regulatory affairs certificates. Content remains king: Especially in healthcare.


Pharma Social Media: Alive and Well

Despite many false-starts and hiccups, the demise of pharma social media has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, quite the opposite is true as companies continue to invest and experiment in the channel with renewed enthusiasm fueled by audience expectations.

Doing pharma social media since before pharma social media was cool, Klick Health’s own social health team covers the gamut of capabilities from social listening to content creation, community management to enterprise-level guidance writing, metrics, and optimization.

“While the risks of implementing a social strategy can be formidable, so are the rewards,” insists social media specialist Adriana Munoz-Tayraco. “You need to work directly with regulatory and brand teams to identify key areas for patient and professional engagement.”

That kind of seamless integration and intense commitment keeps the Klick Health Warning Letter tally at zero, while expanding the reach and engagement of our pharma clients who gradually overcome their skepticism to embrace the inevitability of social—even in pharma.


Trend to Task: Partner with Klick Health

We’re eager to continue the conversation. Klick Health is the world’s largest independent health agency, laser-focused on creating solutions that engage and educate healthcare providers about life-saving treatments. Klick helps inform and empower patients to manage their health and play a central role in their own care. Every solution hinges on Klick’s in-house expertise across the digital universe – strategy, creative, analytics, instructional design, user experience, relationship marketing, social and mobile. For more information on Klick, go to klick.com, and follow Klick on Twitter @KlickHealth.

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A digital health expert since before digital health was cool, Spitz has since developed omnichannel campaigns for top pharma and device brands, and helps drive agency innovation, digital transformation, and emerging channels. See him present at conferences, read his blogs, and follow him for the latest trends and opinions on Twitter @SpitzStrategy.

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