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Klick Health is the one to watch in healthcare advertising and communications, and our recent launch of a New York office is big news with big names. Noriko Yokoi, agency pro, shares her inspiration for choosing to work at Klick...

Klick is where you can expect the unexpected!

As a newbie at Klick, the best way to sum up the experience is that it’s been eye opening. I’ve had the opportunity to work side by side with colleagues from technology and start up backgrounds among many other backgrounds, which guarantees an experience that’s different from anything I’ve seen before. Instead of zigging, they zag. When I expect them to zag, they zig. In layman’s terms, my colleagues come up with unexpected solutions because their definition of creativity goes far beyond the confines of the traditional advertising agency. That’s because Klick is a company with roots in digital and technology and as a result, every day is surprising, challenging, and makes me question the definition of creativity.


What makes Klick unique?

These experiences only scratch the surface of what is different about Klick. What makes it different is the culture. Hands down, it’s the one agency where the onboarding timeline is much more immersive. This experience encompasses everything from watching videos and reading books, as well as chatting with colleagues to understand the values, beliefs, and behaviours that make Klick unique.

One may ask, how is Klick different? To understand how Klick operates, just read the book “Conscious Capitalism” by John Mackey. In the book, conscious capitalist business seeks “a higher purpose for what it does, its impacts on the world, and the relationships it has with its various constituencies and stakeholders. It reflects a deeper consciousness about why businesses exist and how they can create more value” (Mackey, 2014).

The book is divided into four sections that explain each of the tenets. Each tenet was incredibly useful, illustrating the inter-relationships between the organization, its stakeholders, leaders and management, and how all the pieces work together in order to make people feel like they belong.




In addition, take a look at the March issue of Fortune Magazine for the 2016 Best Companies to Work For. Reading the company descriptions, you see common themes running through about what constitutes a best company. Yes, they are all successful companies financially, but many aspire to go beyond the numbers. They believe in giving back to those in need, put the happiness of employees at the forefront, believe in creating a higher purpose for why the company exists, and make sure that the leadership is always listening to feedback. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Change as a given

Finally, what differentiates Klick is simply that it understands that healthcare is evolving fast, and it’s an area of intense innovation and discovery. The recent news around Regeneron Pharmaceuticals having been chosen as the new sponsor of the annual Science Talent Search speaks volumes about healthcare’s central position in scientific innovation.

So, how is Klick evolving to keep up with the fast pace of change? Through experimentation—yes, it has its own experimental lab. In addition, Klick is incorporating agile and scalable methods to ensure that the company remains nimble and flexible to continue to evolve. Instead of being wedded to an old hierarchical model for the organization, Klick is experimenting with methods that allow for new ways to go to market, and new ways to implement change.


So, why Klick?

Why Klick? The bottom line is that after many years in the industry, I needed to see and hear something different.


Who is at the forefront of change?

Who is willing to experiment and grow?

Who is willing to learn from the past to be better tomorrow?


I found the answer.


Let me tell you more about it!

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Noriko Yokoi

Noriko is a globe trotting account planner who loves to know what makes people tick. She loves decoding cultures, social groups and to understand why people do what they do. Noriko attributes this interest to her international upbringing and having had to learn to de-code different languages, cultures and societal norms from a very young age. Noriko brings over 16 years of planning experience. She has spent over half of her career in the healthcare space, where she has helped to launch global brands.

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