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90% of moms with Smartphones use them to research health information

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According to an article by eMarketer, moms are the “Chief Health Officer” of the home and conduct a lot of their activity using their Smartphones. They looked across a number of studies at both apps downloaded to the phone as well as searches conducted from the mobile browser.

Apps: One of the top 10 app categories downloaded by smartphone-wielding moms is Health and Fitness apps at 48% of survey respondents. 51% have downloaded 16 or more apps to their phone. [Mom Central Consulting]

Searches: 90% of smartphone-using moms research health conditions on their Smartphones [BabyCenter, “Dr. Mom Study 3″, March 2011]

Source:-ßeMarketer [external link]

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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Director of Digital Insight, supporting our Strategy, Accounts, and New Business groups to gather, disseminate, and make accessible knowledge about our clients, their products, and the markets in which they operate.

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