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Klick Releases Holiday Single ‘You Make Winter Warm’ with Andrew Huang in Support of Operation Warm and Children in Need

Company donating funds per download to buy up to 500 new winter coats for children living below the poverty line; video stars Huang, hundreds of Klicksters, and a vinyl record that unleashes a flurry of snowflakes, animation, and holiday magic

TORONTO, ON/NEW YORK, NY – December 6, 2017 – Baby, it’s cold outside. That’s why Klick Inc. today announced its support of Operation Warm to mark the release of its first holiday single ‘You Make Winter Warm’ composed by Andrew Huang, an acclaimed YouTube music and video producer with over 1.1 million subscribers.

The company will donate a dollar for each of the first 10,000 downloads of the song to the non-profit organization – providing up to 500 brand new winter coats for children living in families in North America with incomes below the poverty line. The #MakeWinterWarm song can be downloaded for free at klick.com/holiday.

“We’re proud to support Operation Warm and help protect children from the winter cold,” said Klick CEO Leerom Segal. “We’re also thrilled to be continuing our long legacy of producing memorable holiday videos that show what Klick is all about. ‘You Make Winter Warm’ is extra special because it marks our second collaboration with the incredibly talented Andrew Huang and the debut of our first original song.”

‘You Make Winter Warm’ delivers a high-energy sound with rich vocals, nostalgic lyrics, and a catchy, (mistle)toe-tapping instrumental track. The song is influenced by vintage jazz standards and a touch of Motown – all remixed into a new, modern-retro holiday classic.

Video: Captivating effects inspired by Jain, Baby Driver and Ocean’s Thirteen

“It’s been great working with the team at Klick again and delivering on an even more dynamic and fun vision this year,” said Huang, who also produced the Klick Epic Office Holiday Remix video in 2014. “We wove together many different musical influences and wild visual effects to inspire people to smile and share with their friends and family over the holidays!”

The upbeat, full-length music video captures the spirit of the song with an entertaining storyline and distinctive cinematic style – drawing inspiration from captivating digital effects in popular movies, such as Baby Driver and Ocean’s Thirteen, as well as French musician Jain’s videos.

Filmed in the company’s Toronto and New York offices, the video features Huang and hundreds of Klicksters.

Vinyl gets a starring role

The video also gives vinyl a starring role, highlighting the current revival of vinyl records in the modern digital music world. It starts with a mischievous, Santa-capped Huang delivering what appears to be an ordinary vinyl record album to Segal’s office. When Segal plays the single on his turntable however, it unleashes a flurry of snowflakes, animation, and holiday magic. Among the many enchanted scenes:

  • A team of Klicksters spin in their swivel desk chairs in sync with the volume dial; when the record gets stuck in a loop, magically so do their swivels.
  • An unsuspecting Creative Director shakes a snow globe and snowflakes start falling around him in the boardroom.
  • The company’s beer taps start dispensing ‘Candy Cane Crush,’ eggnog, and milk and cookies.
  • Photos of Klicksters on the front of holiday cards come to life in full animation as they toboggan and throw snowballs.

Klick holiday campaigns have become cultural hallmarks for the company. Known for its award-winning, people-centric workplace, its annual holiday videos have been featured on CBS News, CNN, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, and various media outlets around the world. Klick’s 2017 holiday video can be viewed at klick.com/holiday. The song is also available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.


Music:    Composed and produced by Andrew Huang; co-produced by Glenn Zujew

Lyrics    Andrew Huang

Vocals: Dusty Lima

Video:    Directed by Andrew Huang, Philip Bowser & Glenn Zujew

About Operation Warm

Since 1998, Operation Warm has inspired hope and empowered communities by manufacturing and distributing high-quality, new winter coats to over two million children in need throughout North America. The nonprofit works with organizations at a community-level, assisting local advocates to help children receive coats in their own backyard. Operation Warm’s vision is that every child wearing a new winter coat is warm, feels valued, and is empowered to get to school and gain an education. To learn more or start your own community coat program, visit http://www.operationwarm.org.

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