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Klick Ideas Exchange to Showcase Emerging Technologies Being Adapted for Health Care

Event to demo exciting new 3D printing, holographic, virtual reality applications,
highlighting convergence of health and technology

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 11, 2015 – Media are invited to attend Klick Ideas Exchange (#KlickIDX) on June 15th in Philadelphia to see how emerging technologies are being adapted for health care in extraordinary new ways using holograms, 3D printing, and virtual reality. Featured demos will include:


Larger than Life Holographic Technology

Larry King and Ideas Exchange Chief Curator Leerom Segal will appear as HumaGramsTM via ARHT Media’s Augmented Reality Holographic Technology Platform. HumaGrams are photorealistic holographic representations of humans that can interact and engage with audiences in virtually any situation that a human being can. HumaGramsTM deliver highly engaging experiences by ‘seeing’ people as they pass by and interacting with them through motion tracking, gestures or mobile devices. ARHT Media’s proximity marketing platform also generates analytics about audience engagement and interest.

ARHT Media’s HumaGramsTM can be delivered live or pre-recorded and can be holo-ported anywhere in the world, including to multiple places simultaneously, in real-time and in high-definition stereoscopic 3D. To further augment the experience, ARHT Media will showcase the use of interactive visual aids on its 3D displays, which also collect real-time analytics on audience engagement.

Used in a variety of retail, educational and entertainment engagements up until now, the holographic technology and 3D displays are being introduced to the health care industry at Klick Ideas Exchange. Through a recently announced strategic partnership, ARHT Media and Klick Health will capture key opinion leaders in the industry to make them more accessible to larger audiences with high-impact content at speaking engagements, medical conferences and other health care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology events.


Travel Inside the Human Body using Virtual Reality (VR)

Attendees can travel through the human bloodstream and an ocean of blood cells, plaque and allergens in 3D using virtual reality technology. The demonstration illustrates how VR can advance traditional patient and caregiver education, health care professional training, and immersion therapy. The platform also provides a new way for biopharma companies to communicate and educate doctors and patients on the method of disease and method of action for their therapies. VR can now provide a more immersive and more effective experience than standard scientific animations for roughly the same cost.


Extending 3D Printing to Internal Medicine

Joseph DeSimone, co-founder and CEO of Carbon3D will showcase the future of health care using the latest 3D printing techniques, highlighting exciting applications that health care practitioners can use in the near future. Carbon3D marries the intricacies of molecular science with hardware and software technologies to advance the 3D printing industry beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing.


Watch Out: The Latest in Wearables for Health Care

The event will also highlight some of the most promising ways life sciences companies can leverage wearable technologies. See a fascinating exhibit on the latest wearable devices and how they fulfill the promise of a truly personalized healthcare experience through biometrics. Explore how wearables may evolve to enhance research and the delivery of biopharma products and services in the near future.

These technologies will be available for reporters to experience during the Klick Ideas Exchange. Outlets that are interested in shooting video of the demos should contact Jenny Murphy at Dewey Square Group at 202-777-0676 to schedule a time to shoot.


About Klick Ideas Exchange

Klick Ideas Exchange (#KlickIDX) is a pioneering event bringing together some of the biggest thinkers in health and business with the nation’s leading pharma and biotech CEOs to explore how emerging technologies and data can radically change the way health care is delivered and how health care companies work. Through thought-provoking presentations and groundbreaking technology demos,Klick Ideas Exchange aims to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technological innovation.

Klick Ideas Exchange focuses on some of the most important and provocative topics expected to affect pharmaceutical development and health care delivery in the coming years. Subjects to be covered include the changing complexion of reimbursement, evolving roles of the FDA, increasing role of technology in medical care and clinical development, and developing innovative medicines in an era of increasing cost-sensitivity and conflict of interest concerns. Speakers include Drs. Eric Topol, Ezekiel Emanuel, and Daniel Kraft, biotech luminaries Martine Rothblatt, Craig Venter, and RJ Kirk, and acclaimed business management gurus Tom Peters and Gary Hamel.

The event is being held as a precursor to the BIO International Convention on June 15, 2015 in Philadelphia.

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