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Klick Health – Top 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada!


February 8, 2012Klick Health is pleased to be named among the Best 50 Small and Medium Employers in Canada. The study, now in its 7th year, is published annually in PROFIT Magazine. Check out the article.

Globally, Klick Health is the largest independent digital agency focused on health. Klick CEO, Leerom Segal, shared that, “We’ve always had creative company events and effective peer recognition programs, as well as many opportunities to have a blast together throughout the day. That said, our engagement levels are probably much more defined by our incredible growth trajectory and doing meaningful work.” He explained, “Growth is the engine that provides the development opportunities for our talent. We are also really lucky to be in health. We imagine that some groups have a lot of fun pushing beer or moving the needle on toilet paper…For us, well, we get REALLY energized about changing lives!”

Becoming a Best Small and Medium Employer is a very detailed and competitive process. This national awards program recognizes top employers with between 50 and 399 employees. The program mirrors the renowned Best Employer in Canada List published in Maclean’s magazine; however, caters to small businesses.

The rankings are primarily determined by using the results from Employee Opinion Surveys. The evaluation process also includes the assessment of organizational practices and perspectives from the leadership team. This year, more than 250 organizations across Canada participated in the study.

Study partners include Queen’s Schoolof Business, Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing and AON Hewitt. More information about the Best Small & Medium Employers in Canadais available online at http://bsmestudycanada.com.

About Klick Health

Klick Health is shaping the future of digital health. We are the world’s largest independent digital health agency and are rapidly growing. Our depth of industry thought-leaders gives us the edge in developing engaging digital experiences rooted in strategic and marketing insights, creative thinking and technological expertise. We partner with leading healthcare companies to create digital solutions that educate and engage both industry professionals and healthcare providers about life-saving treatments. We also help inform and empower patients to manage their health and play a central role in their own care. We pride ourselves in creating one of the most unique and innovative workplaces in North America. Klick Health is the sole recipient of the triple crown of Canada’s most recognized awards: Best Employers, Best Managed, and Fastest Growing Technology Company in North America.

Discover the future of digital health today at klick.com.


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