Klick Health

Klick Health featured in the Financial Times

December 19, 2011 – The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business news and information publications, featured Klick Health in an article entitled, “The end of email?” This article discussed the transition away from email for a few pioneering companies; Klick Health first amongst them.

Klick Health President and CEO Leerom Segal explained how the transition came about, “We believe email is fundamentally unproductive, you need to sift through too many documents and things get lost.” Pointing towards the lack of prioritization and workflow which exists throughout the use of email, Segal discusses his partner’s frustration with this system which led to the creation of an alternate business platform, Genome.

“When we started this, we never thought it could completely replace email,” said Segal. “We thought it would be used for specific tasks requiring a response. But before you know it, it was being used for every task.”

Klick Health’s unique email alternative is its intranet Genome which turns communication into actionable prioritized items, replacing email internally as the primary mode of communication.

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