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Healthcare marketing to be among the hardest hit by third-party cookie and privacy regulations

Klick Health publishes industry perspective to help life sciences companies adapt to regulatory and privacy changes impacting consent management, analytics, and marketing technology adoption

TORONTO, ON/NEW YORK, NY – June 26, 2019 – Klick Health today published “Cookies Crumble as Privacy Rises,” an industry POV on upcoming changes to the ways marketers will be able to target, track, and engage with consumers online. The perspective was written in anticipation of the looming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), pending legislation in other states, and privacy-oriented changes to web browsers.

The report highlights that life sciences will be affected more than companies in other industries by the regulatory changes surrounding CRM programs, list rentals, and other established marketing tactics for several reasons:

  • Current or pending privacy legislation in California and New York alone is poised to impact almost 20% of active healthcare professionals in the U.S.
  • Klick estimates that life science brand websites receive over 45% traffic from the Safari web browser (where 3rd party cookies are blocked by default) versus the U.S. average of slightly over 30%.
  • Producing a statistically significant data read on both diagnosed and treating audiences will become more difficult and will take more time for program evaluation and optimization – which will prove especially challenging for rare disease programs targeting less than 0.1% of the U.S. population.

“As we prioritize consumer privacy and people take more control of their data, marketers need to address consent management and the examine the extent to which 3rd party and cookie-based audience strategies are used to define media activations,” says Kamran Shah, Executive Vice President, Technology and Media, Klick Health.

To help life sciences marketers adapt and prepare for the changes that lay ahead, the Klick POV points to a number of key tips for media targeting, including:

  • Continuing to leverage 3rd party prescription-informed data models and enhancing them with additional proxy and correlation measures; and
  • Using SEM-informed keyword contextual targeting, which leverages only 1st party cookies.

The “Cookies Crumble as Privacy Rises” POV can be downloaded at www.klick.com/privacy-and-cookies.


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