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Award-Winning Workplace Uses Complex Algorithms to Create Personalized Company Yearbooks for Every Employee

Klick creates annual report-meets-high school yearbook to thank team for a great year;

130-page hardcover book filled with over 1,000 data points and hundreds of photos

TORONTO, ON/NEW YORK, NY – May 16, 2019 – Klick Inc., a six-time-and-counting 2019 Best Workplace award recipient, known for putting its people at the heart of everything it does, is rewriting the book on employee engagement.

Known for its people-centric, data-driven approach to business, Klick today released video footage and photographs of “A Year of Klick,” the data-rich, hardcover book that brings its workplace culture and employee experience to life.

Klick created the yearbook to provide its team members (affectionately known as Klicksters) with a tangible, memorable keepsake of their accomplishments that’s tailored for them. Taking a page out of two time-honored publishing traditions, the corporate annual report and high school yearbook, the 130-page company yearbook “celebrates Klickster culture, accomplishments, and our evolution as a company,” said Klick Managing Director Peter Flaschner. “We had been throwing around the notion of doing a book like this for a while but were blown away by how it all came together and how much our team loves it.”

Today’s announcement aligns with findings from Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends, which identifies the need to improve employee experience as a top workplace challenge. Eighty-four percent of survey respondents rated the employee experience as an important issue, and 28 percent said it was urgent.

Using Klick’s Genome operating system (commercially available as SenseiOSTM from Klick’s enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business Sensei Labs™), which drives almost every aspect of its business, the yearbook captures over a thousand data points on everything from its corporate social responsibility, learning and development, peer recognition, and on-site fitness and wellness programs, to its facilities, technology usage, and travel.

“We were thinking about what we could do with all that work data in a way the celebrates each person uniquely, but in a shared experience. We thought back to high school and that magical day when everyone received their yearbook,” added Jay Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO of Sensei Labs.

Using AI to augment and enrich the human experience

Perhaps most novel is how the yearbook has been customized using technology in a way that sparks delight. To provide each of its over 700 Klicksters with personalized photo spreads of them and their closest colleagues, the company used artificial intelligence to tag photos from team events and built complex algorithms (using calendar, org-chart information, and other work data) to surface the right photos in the right Klickster’s yearbook. Each person’s name was also printed on the spine and front cover of their yearbook.

Like most yearbooks, there’s also a Class of 2018 section (with symbols denoting new hires and promotions) along with pages for Klickster signatures.

“This book is all about people,” said Goldman. “It’s about the different teams that we have. It’s about the events that we’ve run, and it speaks to the level of engagement that we have with our teams and all the individual Klicksters who make them up. It’s a way of us saying thank you for all of the very hard work that went into making 2018 a huge success for Klick.”

SenseiOSTM customers will be able to create customized yearbooks for their teams in the near future. Companies will be able to use the platform to select specific data points they want to highlight and use the yearbook as an amplifier and natural extension of their workplace culture.

To view the Klick yearbook video go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5j5TyxD5NM&feature=youtu.be

To see how SenseiOSTM helps workplaces work smarter in a way their people love, go to senseilabs.com.

For information on joining Klick and to explore the 50+ jobs posted on its career site, go to http://careers.klick.com.


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