Klick Health

Klick’s Intranet System – Genome – Wins SuperNova Award

November 19, 2012 – Today Klick Health is proud to announce that they have won a SuperNova Award in the category of Technology Optimization and Innovation.  As industry-leaders unleashing the power of emerging and disruptive technologies, Constellation Research – a specialty research and advisory firm – honored Klick by presenting this award at their innovation summit held in Newport Beach, entitled Connected Enterprise.

Leerom Segal and Klick Health were recognized for spearheading the development of a revolutionary management tool called Genome – a custom-built intranet with a full suite of tools aimed at managing time, budgets and people.

“Genome is so integral to our organization that it might as well be our DNA,” said Leerom Segal, President and CEO, Klick Health.  “We’re delighted to be receiving recognition for implementing and adopting disruptive technologies, as this is something that has been at the forefront of our mind for many years now.”

Genome harnesses the data-driven and social technology used in online experiences like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and Match.com and applies them to how you work.  It solves the problems that every business faces but does it in a way that’s customized to the employee; focusing on performance over risk management and incorporating analytics into traditional soft-skill pursuits like performance management and learning.  And, it has been the key competitive advantage which has allowed Klick to grow an average of 30% every single year in their 15 year history.

“The success of professional services firms depends highly on management of employee utilization. By using technology to better manage the Klick Health workforce, Leerom was able to achieve outstanding productivity gains,” said Frank Scavo, Constellation Lead Analyst, Technology Optimization and Innovation.

The SuperNova awards program celebrates the explorers, pioneers, and champions of technology that battle the odds to truly effect change in their organizations and create disruptions in their market.  A combination of the judges and the public recognized the SuperNova award winners as true leaders that embody the SuperNova award spirit: exploration, innovation, and heroism to successfully put new technologies to work.

With a total of 120 applications being submitted, Supernova judges narrowed down the submissions to 47 finalists in 6 different categories – Leerom Segal and Klick Health being the only organization to be named as finalists in three separate categories based on a single entry.  Voting, opened to the public, determined the final eight winners; naming Klick Health this year’s Technology Optimization and Innovation award recipient.