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Unbranded Disease Education Programs

When done right, Disease Education Programs have the potential to 
drive patient prospect identification.

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Unbranded Disease Education Programs are often used by pharma brands to drive:

  • condition awareness
  • disease management
  • satisfaction assessments
  • doctor discussion on treatment options


Klick Health’s Point-of-View

When done right, Disease Education Programs have the potential to drive patient prospect identification, “filling the funnel” for branded communications. Klick Health has undertaken several programs that have helped brands grow their category, while at the same time growing their market share.

Disease Education Programs also have the advantage of enabling increased flexibility in content compared to what is typically afforded by brand sites. Including content that is not in the narrow indication of a brand can often be of great benefit to increase user relevancy and engagement.

Unlike a brand.com, which has become an expectation of patients and prescribers, an Unbranded Disease Education Program should not be considered a ‘given’. A disease education presence is not always appropriate in every circumstance, for every brand. As with everything we do, Klick Health will undertake a thorough assessment of the marketplace to determine what type of unbranded presence, if any, would be appropriate for a given brand.

Klick Health’s Unbranded Disease Education Programs Approach

Klick Health places great emphasis on thinking through the transition from the unbranded program into a branded context. Leads generated within an unbranded environment will not translate into branded conversions if this is not executed successfully.

Finally, implementing a strong Analytics infrastructure at the outset will ensure that the performance of the unbranded program is adequately tracked to determine the impact on branded conversions, as well as facilitate on-going improvements.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Goal: Sales data feeds marketing Goal: Two-way data exchange
CLM restricted to certain functions CLM as a global guiding principle
Disparate data sources Single view of the customer
“Point in Time” campaigns On-going customer relationship

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