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Social Guidelines and Listening

Should brands be actively monitoring or moderating online discussions?

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Social media has been a hot topic in healthcare for many years now, and it continues to be a topic of significant debate today. Can pharmaceutical brands/companies actually ‘do’ social media? And can they do it in a way that is valuable while also compliant? What is the FDA’s perspective? Should brands be actively monitoring or moderating online discussions?

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Many clients struggle in getting answers to the questions above. In absence of direction from the FDA, we advise our clients to work with their internal regulatory departments and agency partners to develop their own guidelines for the use of social media.

These guidelines aim to define the interpretation of the general promotional guidelines issued by the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP), within the context of the social media environment.

Klick Health’s Social Guidelines and Listening

Klick Health’s experts have worked with several pharmaceutical clients to help develop formal Social Media Guidelines. Through internal stakeholder interviews and marketplace best practice assessment, we have lead the drafting, consultation, and approval of these guidelines.

These Guidelines typically define the acceptable approaches around social media monitoring, social media networks, and user-generated content. Klick Health continues to update and refine these documents over time as new platforms or programs enter the social media realm.

Once these Guidelines are established, Klick Health will work with our clients to identify key gaps and opportunities for their brand in the social media space. We will typically begin this exploration through the use of social media listening tools, which help us identify current topics and platforms of interest among the target audience.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Proceed with lack of guidance Develop internal guidance
Point-in-time document Constantly evolving document
Moving too quickly Proceeding with caution

For more information on our perspective on Social Media, download our Social Media Conversation Guide or, please contact us!