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Klick Health’s Search campaigns have historically shown much greater efficiencies as compared to other agencies

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One of the most important components to any Digital Strategy is reaching your audience. Even a particularly innovative eDetail or Patient Support Program is not going to provide any benefits if your audience doesn’t know about it or can’t find it. That’s where Search Marketing & Digital Media come into play – ensuring your brands’ visibility in the digital destinations your audience is visiting.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Online media planning should begin with a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, including elements such as audience research, competitive analysis, and opportunity/gap assessment. This research-based approach enables the planner to develop the optimal Media Strategy for that particular brand, given the brand’s objectives, the target audience, and the market landscape.

A baseline online media campaign often combines Search Marketing & Display Advertising for the best possible outcome. An audience first needs to be made aware of an unmet need or opportunity before taking action to actively seek out and then select a solution. Display Advertising helps drive that need recognition and brand awareness among more casual browsers (filling the funnel), while Search Marketing drives consideration and trial among those who are actively seeking a solution or were previously exposed to brand messaging.

Display Advertising can actually be leveraged further down in the funnel as well through the process of “Retargeting” (also known as “Remarketing” or “LeadBack”). This tactic enables advertisers to reach back out to users who came to their website but did not convert (conversion in this case could be any high value action for the advertiser, such as a saving card download). Through cookie technology and the use of Advertising Site Networks (networks made up of thousands of websites), the user can be located after leaving the company’s website, when visiting any number of websites in the future (such as news, weather, lifestyle and shopping sites).

Klick Health’s Search Marketing & Media Programs Approach

Klick Health has undertaken upwards of 100 unique online media campaigns. Our in-house online media expertise coupled with a strong analytics underpinning has enabled Klick Health to produce superior results.

Klick Health’s Search campaigns have historically shown much greater efficiencies as compared to other agencies due to our unique and proven best practices in quality score maximization and conversion optimization. In fact, several campaigns have resulted in upwards of 5X improvements in efficiency metrics over the previous agency.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Standard approach/vendors Unique approach for each brand
Focus on endemic health partners Reach across the digital landscape
Basic analytics/tracking Robust analytics platform

For more information on our perspective on FDA compliant online media, download our guide, Applying FDA Regulations to Online Marketing or, please contact us!