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Non Personal Promotion and eDetailing

Our approach to Personalized Non-Personal Promotion (P-NPP) that results in robust analytics and a unique approach for each brand.

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We’ve all seen the data – rep access to physicians and the reach of the field force is declining.

  • For every 100 reps that visit a physician’s office, only 20 speak in person with a physician.
  • 1 in 4 physicians work in a practice that refuses to see pharma reps.
  • 40% of physicians will meet with pharma reps by appointment only.

Because of this somewhat dire situation, healthcare companies have been forced to look at alternative means to reach and engage physicians. Enter the era of Non-Personal Promotion & eDetailing.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

The digital channel provides a rich opportunity to engage physicians. Based on self-reported attitudes and usage, physicians are open to being promoted to in a non-personal manner.

  • 67% of physicians have a positive attitude toward electronic promotion activities.
  • 73% of physicians say that e-promotion activities are equal or superior to face-to-face calls.
  • 69% of physicians participated in e-promotion activities in the evening.

This appetite to be engaged in a non-personal way presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to begin using the digital channel to its fullest extent.

Klick Health Non-Personal Promotion Approach

Klick Health’s thought leaders in Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) firmly believe there is an untapped opportunity to apply the same level of personalization in face-to-face meetings to the digital space.

In effect, to ‘personalize’ non-personalize promotion. This assertion is based on three key findings:

  • NPP is often considered as stand-alone tactics to supplement an ongoing sales force effort.
  • NPP frequently suffers from lack of integration with overall marketing strategy.
  • Technology enables us to do NPP well, with access to rich data sources.

Klick Health has developed a proprietary Strategic Framework to approaching Personalized Non-Personal Promotion (P-NPP).

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Standard approach/vendors Unique approach for each brand
Focus on endemic health partners Reach across the digital landscape
Basic analytics/tracking Robust analytics platform

For more information on this framework and how it can be applied to your business, please contact us!