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Interactive Visual Aids and Tablet Programs

IVAs provide a unique opportunity to increase engagement with the physician and to gain valuable data to help make future interactions more relevant.

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Pharmaceutical Sales organizations are leveraging the digital channel to maximize increasingly limited physician face-time. Complementing or replacing the traditional print Vis Aid, an Interactive Visual Aid (IVA) provides an opportunity to increase the level of interaction and engagement with the physician. IVAs can take many forms, from a basic PDF loaded onto a tablet PC, to a highly interactive and responsive iPad® application linked to the back-end CRM system.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

IVAs deliver significant advantages over traditional detail aids, including:

  • use of engaging rich media content such as audio, video, animations, etc.
  • ability to employ interactive components such as image zoom and dynamic polling
  • functionality to register and/or send digital content to physicians in real-time
  • increased flexibility in the display of ISI and other mandatory elements
  • increased ease and reduced cost when changes are required (e.g. label change)
  • availability to repurpose content for use in other digital contexts, including on brand.com, third-party websites, and kiosks/booths at conferences
Klick Health’s Interactive Visual Aids & Tablet Programs Approach

IVAs provide a unique opportunity not only to increase engagement with the physician during an in-person call, but also to gain valuable data to help make future interactions more relevant. To that end, an IVA should be approached strategically to ensure it will meet the needs of the rep, the customer, and the brand.

Klick Health involves many of our core disciplines in the creation and implementation of IVAs and tablet programs:

  • Our Client Service & Project Management teams obtain the client’s objectives and direction for the IVA and disseminate this to the broader project team.
  • Our User Experience specialists define the content strategy for the piece, including the optimal story flow and message sequencing, while also proposing functionality and layout to maximize engagement.
  • Leveraging the wireframes, our Medical Content team create compelling copy to support the message flow, while our Creative team develops a visually compelling presentation of the content.
  • Our best-in-class Technology & Data team facilitates integration with back-end CRM platforms to achieve Closed Loop Marketing (CLM).
  • Our Analytics team creates a robust measurement framework to ensure timely access to insights.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Information overload Focus on actionable insights
Many, disparate reports Consolidated, streamlined reports
Agency drawing conclusions Collective data-driven decisions

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