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Enterprise Analytics

We ensure marketers have visibility into how their various programs and tactics are performing individually

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A robust analytics solution is one of the most important components of a Digital Strategy, in fact any marketing strategy. The term “Enterprise Analytics” can often be confused with Web Analytics, but that is, or should be, just one component of an over-arching analytics strategy. A true Enterprise Analytics solution ensures that marketers have visibility into how their various programs and tactics are performing individually, as well as what their combined impact on sales may be.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

An Enterprise Analytics solution should be platform agnostic – able to integrate data across all of the various touch points and data sources to ideally produce a single point of access to the brand’s key performance measures. But integrating and collecting data is not enough – the data needs to be organized, compiled and analyzed in such a way that it is truly actionable.

In our view, the goal of an Enterprise Analytics solution is, simply, business intelligence – understanding what’s working, what’s not, and how we can continue to drive the business forward. An Enterprise Analytics strategy goes beyond ensuring the data is available (which of course is critical), to ensuring that the strategy is orchestrated in such as a way that it produces a meaningful data output. And this results in the ability to interpret actionable business insights.

Klick Health’s Enterprise Analytics Approach

Analytics is the underpinning for everything that we do, and every business decision we make on behalf of our clients.

We work with our clients to help define the most appropriate measurement framework, given their goals and objectives, and then we orchestrate this vision into reality. Significant effort is invested to ensure the Analytics strategy incorporates all relevant programs and partners, employs the correct tagging methodologies, and that the Analytics platforms are configured appropriately. Based on the architecture of the data, we implement efficient means for collating and analyzing the data on a regular basis. The output to our clients are easy-to-understand, consolidated reports that deliver data on key cross-program performance metrics, coupled with relevant interpretation of the data – the core business insights. The intelligence gleaned from these reports helps us collectively identify where our approaches may need to be adapted to continuously improve business outcomes.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Goal: Data integration Goal: Business insights
Information overload Focus on actionable insights
Many, disparate reports Consolidated, streamlined reports
Agency drawing conclusions Collective data-driven decisions

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