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Digital Strategy and Research

Klick Health takes a rigorous, research-based approach to Digital Strategy development.

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A Digital Strategy defines the most appropriate digital tactics and approaches to maximize the potential of the digital channel. A Digital Strategy should strive to answer questions such as:

  • What is the right mix of digital tactics to meet the brand CSFs?
  • How will the digital tactics integrate with each other and complement multi-channel tactics?
  • How will I communicate the core brand messages effectively?
  • How will I reach and engage my target audiences?
  • How will I build an on-going relationship with this audience that creates sustainable value?
  • What type of web presence or properties should I have?
  • How should I leverage emerging tactics such as mobile and social?
  • How will I measure success of the program and tactics?

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

The questions above should not be answered without the help of data. Klick employs several research inputs to facilitate opportunity identification and gap analysis, including:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Historical digital tactic performance
  • ComScore target audience research
  • Category market research on digital usage

To maximize utility of the data, all of the research should then be synthesized into a concise and actionable ’insights‘ document that can be used as a platform for solution ideation. A Digital Strategy should not be a ‘point in time’ plan, but rather a forward-looking and constantly evolving road map.

Klick Health’s Digital Strategy & Research Approach

Klick Health takes a rigorous, research-based approach to Digital Strategy development. Our Klick Katalyst™ process is a seven-step systematic approach to developing a comprehensive digital strategic plan that drives measurable business results.

We work with our clients to help define the most appropriate measurement framework, given their goals and objectives, and then we orchestrate this vision into reality. Significant effort is invested to ensure the Analytics strategy incorporates all relevant programs and partners, employs the correct tagging methodologies, and that the Analytics platforms are configured appropriately. Based on the architecture of the data, we implement efficient means for collating and analyzing the data on a regular basis. The output to our clients are easy-to-understand, consolidated reports that deliver data on key cross-program performance metrics, coupled with relevant interpretation of the data – the core business insights. The intelligence gleaned from these reports helps us collectively identify where our approaches may need to be adapted to continuously improve business outcomes.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
“What we’ve always done” “What’s right for this brand?”
Information overload Focus on actionable insights
Informal development process Proven, systematic approach

For more information on the Klick Katalyst™ process, please contact us!