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Compliance and Savings Programs

Klick Health grounds decisions surrounding Compliance & Savings Programs in data.

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Compliance and persistency continue to be some of the most important challenges faced by pharmaceutical brands. Many patients cite not taking their drug as prescribed, or starting/stopping treatment, for several reasons. These non-compliance issues are most typically due to perceived lack of efficacy, side effects or safety concerns, and issues with payment or insurance coverage. To help combat these issues and increase compliance, it has become commonplace for brands to offer some form of compliance or savings programs. Common programs include:

  • trial coupons
  • rebates
  • savings cards
  • incentive programs
  • refill and/or medication reminder programs (via text, email, etc.)

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Compliance & Savings Programs have become ubiquitous in many categories, but are particularly important in the following scenarios:

  1. Where the out-of-pocket costs of the medication is prohibitive for even those with commercial health insurance (Example: biologic therapies).
  2. Where the condition is asymptomatic, because the patient likely feels no tangible difference when they are taking or not taking the medication (Example: Hypertension).
  3. When the drug needs to be taken BID or more frequently (versus once per week), as this increases the onus on the user to remember their medication (and could result in a purposeful or accidental dose skip).

That said, even if one of these three scenarios are not present, Compliance & Savings Programs are generally effective means for increasing drug adherence. Saving Programs in particular not only improve persistency curves, but they also provide a source of concrete measurement to assess which marketing tactics are resulting in conversion to script. For example, saving card redemption rates can be used as a proxy for Rx conversion rates.

Klick Health’s Compliance & Savings Program Approach

As with everything we do, Klick Health grounds decisions surrounding Compliance & Savings Programs in data.

The formulation of a strategy typically begins with mining of existing market research and/or employment of primary market research to determine key patient/prescriber issues around compliance and payment. Combined with a competitive offering assessment, findings are analyzed to determine the appropriate approach.

For existing initiatives, Klick Health helps enhance and refine these programs to increase uptake and usage. Klick Health often plays an integration and coordination role among the many vendor partners required to execute such programs, developing a comprehensive analytics infrastructure and business rules surrounding data flows and fulfillment.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
“What’s worked for others” “What’s right for this brand?”
Arbitrary decisions Data-based decisions
Disparate vendor partners Integrated vendor relationships

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