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Clinical Trial Recruitment and Management

Innovative approaches to CTR are the key to success

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Any visitor to clinicaltrials.gov will tell you that it is an overwhelming experience for patients, caregivers, or healthcare providers. The sheer number of trials and the detailed qualification criteria makes it hard for users to easily find and understand viable trial options. With that in mind, many manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to use the digital channel to reach patient /caregivers, as well as engage and manage investigators.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

We believe that the digital channel affords manufacturers a unique opportunity to streamline and improve their Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management strategies. Knowing that finding trial participants (especially in rare diseases) is a real challenge, utilizing digital approaches can help increase reach in a cost effective manner. Likewise, we understand the overhead and frustration with managing a diverse group of investigators and CROs. Technology-based solutions can help address these pains and provide an increased level of efficiency to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Klick Health’s clinical trial recruitment and management approach

As a full service digital agency, we have many unique skill sets that we bring to bear on the common challenges faced in the realm of Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management.

Our online media team and search specialists are able to craft reach strategies that cost effectively target potential trial participants and their caregivers. Our user experience team works hard to then develop persuasive microsites and portals that help to qualify patients and drive trial interest. To meet the needs of investigators and CROs, our strategy team and business analysts design workflows and platforms that help streamline and improve the oversight of these important stakeholders. Underpinning all these solutions is the strength of our technology team that helps to deliver rock solid solutions which integrate advanced analytics for ROI performance visibility.

Our focus is exclusively on the digital channel so unlike many other companies, we are uniquely positioned to utilize advanced analytics and innovative tactics to deliver our clients with the best ROI. Within the context of Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management, we focus on two unique streams of expertise. From a potential trial participant standpoint, we utilize advanced reach mechanisms to cost effectively provide trial visibility to relevant patients and caregivers. This is combined with best-in-class trial microsites/portals that efficiently communicate pertinent details and start the pre-qualification process. This approach reduces the burden on more expensive call centers. To help engage and manage the investigator audience, we strive to reduce the burden of oversight by providing automated tools and platforms to help manage workflow as well as surfacing aggregate reporting and tracking. This approach provides increased efficiency and better visibility as to stakeholder status.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Call center recruiting Online pre-qualification
Basic reporting Unique tracking and ROI focus
Multiple CRO workstreams Unified CRO management
Expensive reach programs Cost efficient search programs

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