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A brand.com is often the foundation of a Digital Strategy, serving as the key destination for both online and offline promotional efforts. The truth is, having Branded Website Presence is no longer a differentiator; it is simply an expectation, a cost of entry. It’s what you do with every opportunity to engage and activate your visitors that will ultimately make your website a success or failure.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Klick Health has successfully delivered over 200 branded website projects since our inception in 1997. Building a brand.com is not about making information and resources available in a digital format. It’s about leveraging technology to build an engaging customer experience that elicits the desired behaviour change in your audience. Each and every visitor represents an opportunity to move your brand forward, whether it involves driving a satisfaction assessment, framing a treatment discussion, gaining a spot in the consideration set, or becoming the brand of choice for a patient/prescriber.

Klick Health’s Compliance & Savings Program Approach

We design websites for individuals, not audiences. Each and every patient is unique, is at a different stage in their treatment journey, and has a different motivation for seeking information.

Providing a customized experience for each patient or prescriber increases personal relevancy, driving higher engagement, and enhancing brand favourability. A robust Data Analytics framework helps identify a given user’s motivation/needs based on their navigation pathways and content consumption. That same framework then facilitates the dynamic delivery of a customized content pathway for that individual. The result is the delivery of content and offers that are not only relevant to the individual, but that also move us closer to achieving our desired outcomes.

As a user’s experience doesn’t end (nor often starts) at the brand.com, Klick Health works closely with our client’s agency and vendor partners to ensure the brand’s overall promotional strategy is carefully orchestrated to deliver a cohesive and seamless experience for the customer – whether on the brand’s properties, browsing third-party websites, or consuming offline content.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Goal: Content availability Goal: Behaviour change
Design for the majority Design for the individual
Pre-defined static content Data-driven dynamic content
Brand.com built in a silo Integration with overall marketing

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