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PharmaCares™ – How Our Industry Can Give Back

CEO of One Eleven Software

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Everyone wants to do good, sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

I had a big ‘ol dose of help from one of my neighbors, Jerome “Jerry” Doolittle, a former speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter. Jerry had invited my family and me to a party at his home. He proceeded to grill me, asking how I planned to make a difference.

At the time, I didn’t have an elegant answer to that question. Over the years, we always engaged one or two pro-bono clients. While I knew we were making a difference to those non-profits, I always felt like I wanted us to do something bigger.

Fast-forward a year and it came together in one coherent thought:

One Eleven Software provides e-sampling as its primary business. We are launching the first truly industry-wide, universal, paperless e-sampling site, “SamplesTogether™. How about using our expertise to to maximize a sample’s opportunity to generate a prescription? And once the sample becomes short-dated – or if there is surplus of the product – why not donate it?

From that thought, PharmaCares was born.

Our goal is two-fold: to help the 36 million people in the U.S. that cannot afford their medicines and to help reduce the problem of 200 million pounds of pharma waste generated annually.

Pharmaceutical samples and surplus products will be listed on the PharmaCares™ site and physicians leading charitable organizations that help American patients get medicines will be notified and will be able to “shop” in the “Amazon for pharmaceuticals.”

I think PharmaCares is good for patients, good for pharma and good for our planet.

We are looking for Rx and OTC brands, vaccines, medical and dental supplies to go into the PharmaCares closet. Go to www.pharmacares.org to check it out, then drop me an email at janet.carlson@pharmacares.org or call me at 860-672-0043 x111.

We need your help. Thirty-six million people are waiting. So hurry.

More About the Author

Janet Carlson

A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, Janet honed her marketing skills at Parke-Davis, then joined NCI Advertising to create award-winning marketing programs. PharmaCares helps 36 million Americans get the medications they need.

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