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Relationship Marketing

The Relationship Marketing department members are experts in both healthcare and CRM verticals

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Relationship Marketing collaborates broadly across multi-channel initiatives so you maintain a complete customer-centric approach to all your multi-touch communications. The team acts as the customer champion and aligns your marketing goals with the needs of the customer to generate higher relevance and deeper engagement. By taking a systematic approach to segmenting, testing and closed-loop response evaluations, you get the very best 1-to-1 communications planning with highly tailored, segmented content strategies. It’s all about the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Areas of Speciality

The Relationship Marketing department specializes in both branded and unbranded communications, including non-personal promotions and eCRM communications. Team members are experts in the healthcare vertical and have subject matter expertise in driving dynamic, personalized messaging that spans across multiple channels. They have in-depth experience designing robust patient support programs that are totally customer-centric, as well as comprehensive HCP marketing programs that create whitespace engagement opportunities to assist your sales force.

Key Roles

  • Relationship Marketing Leads
  • CRM/eCRM Specialists

What Makes Us Unique

Relationship marketing has evolved to include more than the traditional marketing approaches. At Klick Health, we bring together the best practices of multiple industry verticals, particularly those outside of healthcare. By doing so, we give you the best thinking, incorporating new and emerging channels, so you can maximize every touch-point you have with your very best consumers. This strategy includes dynamically generated content on your website, customized emails that integrate the right content, offers to an individual based on their preferences, and channel testing strategies for different stages in the customer lifecycle.