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Digital Strategy and Insights

Digital Strategy is instrumental in the analysis and planning phases at the outset of an engagement

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The Digital Strategy & Insights department collaborates with our internal departments and our client stakeholders to develop solutions that best address your unique needs and challenges. The team follows a proprietary process to gain marketplace intelligence, generate innovative ideas, and ultimately determine the optimal approach for a brand. This typically culminates in the development of an over-arching digital roadmap and prioritized tactical plans.

Areas of Speciality

The Digital Strategy & Insights department is comprised of individuals at the top of their specific fields. All team members possess in-depth expertise in a specific subject matter, combined with years of broad digital experience. The team includes subject matter experts in Healthcare Marketing, Digital Media, Social,Mobile, Analytics, Technology, and Creative.

Key Roles

  • Strategy Leads
  • Digital Planners
  • Digital Strategists
  • Strategy Analysts

What Makes Us Unique

Digital Strategy is clearly instrumental in the analysis and planning phases at the outset of an engagement, acting as a compass for where the brand should be going. But unless there is strategic guidance throughout the implementation process, the end deliverable does not always align with the initial vision for the project.  To ensure the final program implementation stays true to the original solution, Klick Health’s Digital Strategy & Insights team also acts as a barometer throughout the lifecycle of an engagement. A consistent advisory role with scheduled checkpoints enables adjustments and course corrections to be made quickly, ensuring the final execution is always on strategy.