Klick Health

Analytics and Optimization

At Klick Health analysis & optimization are in our DNA, and we provide only the most relevant metrics to help determine your true ROI.

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At Klick Health, we believe in accountability and proven results. That’s why key performance metrics, in-depth insights and the ability to make data driven optimizations are what make the Analytics & Optimization department a critical success factor in any project. The Analytics & Optimization teams are well versed in uncovering opportunities in the healthcare sector and have created systematic methodologies that can be applied to all facets of your business. Our goal is to help you measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your tactics against your broader strategic objectives.

Areas of Speciality

Key services performed by the Analytics & Optimization team include customer segmentation analysis, marketing campaign dashboards and insights as well as deep dive quarterly reviews. In addition to these insights, Klick Health offers advanced analytics including statistical modeling, geographical targeting, multivariate testing and media optimization algorithms to incrementally improve results using data from multiple and often disparate sources. We specialize in bridging the gap in offline initiatives with online measures to help you understand the correlations of all your marketing activities. On the flip side, we’re well adapted to measuring online marketing efforts with offline behaviors, such as linking website visits to Rx conversions.

Key Roles

  • Analytics Leads
  • Media Analysts
  • Marketing Analysts
  • GIS Analysts
  • Statisticians

What Makes Us Unique

At Klick Health, analysis and optimization is in our DNA. Addressing analysis and optimization are not an afterthought because we know what happens when they are not considered at the onset of an engagement. By pre-planning the multi-channel mix using relevant industry benchmarks, we can quickly implement analytics tagging strategies that give you full transparency to what’s happening, in real-time. It’s about providing only the most relevant metrics to help determine your true return on investment.