Building AdaptiveBrands

The motivation is simple: Bring effective treatment to the right patient, faster.

We use technology to find new ways to break down the barriers that stand between your treatment and the patients whose lives it can benefit.

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How can you get the most out of your patent life?

The clock starts to tick on your patent long before PDUFA, so can you afford to waste a single day of exclusivity?

Getting the right treatment to the right patient as soon as possible is what drives us, and the best way to do that is to make every day count. To listen constantly and synthesize fluidly, with the goal to always be optimized in “live state” – in market, the only place that really counts.

Using a connected ecosystem of platform-driven tools designed specifically for the life sciences, Klick builds “living” brands – brands that are built collaboratively and iteratively, becoming measurably more powerful over time.

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Is data weighing you down, or fuelling your next leap forward?

It may seem that you can never have too much data, but if you’re not putting it to work, it’s just more noise.

Your data is telling a story, if you have the tools to unlock it. That means connecting separate data flows, closing feedback loops, and augmenting human intelligence with machine learning to find unexpected connections that reveal new opportunities.

These are all things that Klick is doing right now.

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Is your brand locked, or living?

Gone are the days when brands were controlled by marketers – today, it’s the market that’s in the driver’s seat.

In this collaborative age, it’s the best listeners who will win. The ones who know how to hear what customers are telling them, every day, with every query and every click. The ones brave enough to open up their brands to the customers who live with them. The ones creative enough to show how they’re listening.

Technology makes it possible, but it takes a master orchestrator to make it all work together.

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Klick Labs

Playground for "the Provers"

Testing ideas until they break, then sharing the winners with our clients. The Klick Lab is run by a dedicated team of healthcare hackers passionate about creating outstanding solutions and experiences for patients, HCPs, and industry.

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