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Klick Health “Turns on Your Print” with Vpak Media

Monday, December 10, 2012 – Klick Health, an agency that prides itself in shaping the future of digital health, shook things up today by making a move to shape the future of print marketing as well.  Klick has teamed up with Vpak Media to launch one the most unique marketing campaigns accompanying magazine distribution to date. This never-been-tried marketing strategy marries print and digital in way that allows marketers and consumers alike, to get the best of both worlds.

This trend-setting tactic envisioned by Klick Health and realized through collaboration with Vpak Media, consists of a 5-inch HD screen embedded directly into a Klick Health print advertisement found on the cover of this month’s issue of PM360 – the premier, must-read magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

“As prices have come down, personalized distribution of HD screens has become a reality.  Innovative companies like Klick Health will be the first to pioneer the way for these technologies; bringing them into everyday life,” said Rob Likoff, CEO and founder of Vpak Media.  “Though we’ve never seen anyone embed our screens in magazine covers before, we are sure to see tactics like this become more and more commonplace.”

The screen, embedded in the cover of PM360 magazine, displays an approximately three minute video which presents the agency, Klick Health, to its viewers.  And if their marketing tactic does not set them apart as a digital agency, their video is sure to.

“One thing that Klick has always done really well is reject the status quo.  We do things incredibly differently at Klick, and we love to try things that no one has ever thought to do before,” said Klick Health President and CEO, Leerom Segal.  “We are proud to align ourselves with VPak, who have certainly proven themselves to share a similar mindset.  It is through this kind of partnership combined with forward-looking thinking that allows us to shape the future of digital health.”

With most agencies still approaching strategy as if offline was disconnected from online, Klick Health once again demonstrates why it’s a market leader, and fully capable of shaping the future of digital health.

About Klick Health

Klick Health is the world’s largest independent digital health agency. We are laser focused on creating digital solutions that engage and educate healthcare providers about life-saving treatments.  Klick also helps inform and empower patients to manage their health and play a central role in their own care.   Every solution hinges on Klick’s in-house expertise across the digital universe – strategy, creative, analytics, instructional design, user experience, relationship marketing, social and mobile.

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Peter Flaschner
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About Vpak Media

Vpak Media is a revolutionary marketing technology company offering a line of proprietary, portable, and affordable ‘video in print’ solutions. Vpak Video Empowered Print™ marketing devices are the next generation in video engagement, enabling marketers to put video content right into the hands of their targeted customers. Stakeholders can interact with promotional or educational videos anywhere and keep them as powerful brand reminders. And they won’t need a wi-fi connection, have to link out to a Web site, or download an app. Everything is self-contained.

Vpak devices combine enduring printed content with the multisensory power of video and audio embedded right into a custom-printed vehicle. Devices come in several formats, but can be completely customized to fit any need or substrate  Features include standard or HD screens up to 10”; buttons to control video play; nearly unlimited file size; prerecorded or user recorded video; a regular or rechargeable battery; button-activated or auto-start, volume controls, and more. Vpak Media just introduced its newest device: the innovative, credit card-shaped plastic Vpak Mini.

The best way to appreciate the impact and utility of a Vpak device is to see one and engage with it yourself. To learn how you can, please visit www.vpakmedia.com.

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Sean Hartigan
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Rob Likoff
Vpak Media Founder
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