+ Sales

Marketing and sales are most effective when there's a meaningful connection between Reps and HCPs.

When we designed iCONNECT, we worked with some of the best reps and marketers in the industry to understand why great reps just click.

5-10 more minutes with HCPs!

iCONNECT enhances your rep's natural abilities with attention grabbing next generation content and interactions. In the field, reps using Klick's detail aids are getting 5 to 10 more minutes with HCPs. This is just one of the ways iCONNECT is designed to make every rep as good as your best rep.

Businesses aren't all alike.
So unlike the other iPad options, iCONNECT doesn't take a one size fits all approach.

iCONNECT is designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet the business and regulatory compliance needs of any healthcare marketing organization. All without sacrificing simplicity. Choose the apps you need when you need them, and let your reps focus on being their best.

+ Training

Fast, powerful, effective, and easy to manage. iCONNECT is the modern Trainer's best friend.

From paperless POAs to simple LMS integration and from objection tracking to sophisticated and regulatory compliant sales simulations, iCONNECT offers turn key solutions for the full range of Training needs.

By Trainers, for Trainers

Klick Health's 15 years in digital healthcare learning all come together in this suite of fast, flexible, powerful tools. iCONNECT is designed to get the right training content to your field force as quickly and painlessly as possible.

iCONNECT lets trainers administer and manage learning content to reps in the field.

This provides a unique lens into what makes a rep your best rep. Use this knowledge to inform the creation of new training solutions that push the bar even higher for the rest of the force.



It's from Klick Health.

Klick Health is the world's largest independent digital health agency. We combined our 15 years of digital health experience with insights from the industry's best reps to develop a suite of apps that reps love to use. iCONNECT delivers true closed loop marketing, with direct ties between marketing and training, all in a single integrated solution.


It's flexible and scalable.

Only iCONNECT offers true next generation content today. iCONNECT seamlessly combines HTML5 and native iOS controls to open new worlds of engagement and interaction. And because it's a full suite of apps for marketing and training, iCONNECT can deliver for the whole organization.


It's easy to manage.

With a single administrative back end that delivers sophisticated business rules, customizable permission levels and granular suite-wide control, iCONNECT is easy to setup and manage.


It's well priced.

With iCONNECT you only pay for what you need when you need it, with the knowledge that there's a suite to grow into.


It's totally MRL compliant.

With it's customizable compliance settings, iCONNECT works in even the strictest environment. Never worry about non-compliant content displayed on the iPads by centrally managing distribution with options for auto-expiration, revision updates, brand and user based permissions.


It's incredibly easy to try!

We think the best way to see how iCONNECT can work for your reps is to try it yourself. Take the iCONNECT Challenge: experience your own content directly in iCONNECT.


Picking the right iPad solution for your field force is risky.

That's why we're offering the iCONNECT Challenge: We'll custom design your content and set you up with your own iCONNECT install so you can share it with your team, explore it with MRL, or try it in the wild.

Thinking about iPads?

There's no better way to see how you can make every rep as good as your best rep.

To get started with the iCONNECT Challenge, call 877.885.9957 or fill out the simple form below, and we'll get in touch to get the process started.
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