Julie Batten

About Julie

I have been working exclusively in digital marketing the length of my career, with most of the time spent within an agency environment. My career began with a narrow focus on Search Marketing, broadened quickly to all Digital Media, and in recent years has expanded to encompass all facets of Digital Strategy. My current role on the Strategy team consists of developing innovative digital solutions across a range of client accounts / brands. I collaborate with other Subject Matter Experts and Account team colleagues to ensure our proposed solutions are well-informed, thoughtfully developed, and of course closely aligned with the brand’s strategic imperatives.

In both my current role and in my previous leadership of Klick’s Media practice, I had the distinct advantage of working with almost every core account, facilitating exposure to a wide range of therapeutic areas and disease states. I have in-depth US market experience in the areas of Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis, with additional experience in Oncology, Osteoporosis, Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders, Gastroenterology, Medical Devices, and Animal Health. In addition to this prescription medicine experience, I also have worked on many OTC brands in categories such as Allergy, Nutritionals, and Smoking Cessation. Additionally, I’ve led several campaigns for healthcare insurance organizations, with a focus on Medicare.

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

I’ve witnessed several relatives be severely impacted by, and some eventually succumb to, chronic health conditions. Many of these conditions were preventable and caused by lifestyle decisions that may have been different with the right education and support. I believe it’s important to provide support programs to patients so that they can be informed about health management decisions and be better empowered to make the ones that contribute to the betterment of their health.

In my role I’ve had the opportunity to meet first hand with real patients, and oftentimes hear what a positive impact the medicines our clients provide have had on their quality of life. One patient I met with RA went through 20 surgeries and many years of depression because she struggled to get the right diagnosis and couldn’t find a treatment that controlled her symptoms. Seeing how a therapy I help promote had contributed to getting her back to happy place – both in body and in mind – felt like a real victory for myself and our company.

What excites you about technology and its role in healthcare?

I love that today’s technologies are making it easier for us to all better track and manage our health, and encourages a more holistic approach to health management (treat the whole person, not just the disease). I’ve heard first-hand from patients how valuable patient support programs can be, and technology is constantly evolving to increase ease of participation in these programs and continue to enhance the value they deliver.

Areas of Expertise