Jay Goldman

About Jay

Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. His career has been focused on the interaction between people and technology, and his insights have helped to greatly improve products on mobile, web, and desktop platforms across a wide variety of industries. As Vice President Strategy at Klick Health, Jay has collaborated closely with some of our biggest pharma, biotech, and medical device clients to develop unique and compelling strategies across all of their emerging channels, from professional and consumer websites all the way through to field sales force enablement on iPads. He has hosted the popular Mr. Mobile and Status Update podcasts, taught courses for The Learning Annex, wrote The Facebook Cookbook for O’Reilly Media, and has been proudly published in the Harvard Business Review.

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

We are all patients. Some of us have serious, life threatening conditions while others have more regular complaints like sore backs or mild asthma. Health is intrinsically human — our well being and survival is at the very core of our existence and that means that our ability to improve people’s health is one of the most significant ways in which we can affect their lives. I’m passionate about health and wellness because it allows me to apply my background in marketing and technology to affecting the single most important concern shared by everyone on the planet: dramatically increasing the quality and length of their lives. Marketing in the healthcare space is about so much more than selling another gadget or roll of toilet paper. When we succeed, our clients succeed at effecting considerably healthier outcomes and everyone wins.

What excites you about technology and its role in healthcare?

We will soon all be ePatients, in the sense of engaged, enabled, empowered, and educated patients who use electronic means to take control of our own healthcare. Technology is the great democratizer, liberating knowledge from the few and empowering the masses. Health is no exception to the changes that have already reshaped politics, music, movies, communications, and collaboration; the wide availability of access to accurate and valuable health information will shift the focus from healthcare professionals to highly enabled patients who take charge and ensure their own best possible outcome. We’re riding the forefront of that wave when we design and build systems that deliver information to consumers, empower them to have medically meaningful conversations with their healthcare providers, and equip the entire team to make educated treatment decisions. I’m personally passionate about the roles that mobile and social media will play in the future of healthcare, providing a ubiquitous platform and sensor array that enables patients to achieve the quantified self, to share that data with their providers, caregivers, and extended networks, and to build personalized and highly effective treatment options on its solid foundation.

What are your passions outside of work?

Sophie, my beautiful, spectacular daughter. Becoming a parent has been the most profoundly awesome experience of my life, full of learning about myself and about the amazing human animal. I’ve discovered more about relationships, communication, learning, adaptation, and health from her than from anything that’s come before. I have the incredible good fortune to share her with my equally awesome wife, Bianca, who has also taught me a good deal about life and the most important things in it. The gaps that aren’t occupied by them are filled with technological geekery, reading, writing, photography, and Findley, our superbeagle.

Areas of Expertise