Glenn Zujew

About Glenn

As a 20-year veteran of the new media and health industry, I am always pushing the boundaries of technology as well as driving the Klick Health creative vision and identity. I lead the Klick creative team in designing and producing interactive communications for the web, intranet/extranet, mobile, and all forms of new media. I am passionate about meeting and exceeding the growing creative needs of our clients and offering the highest quality strategic solutions. I have a deep knowledge of platforms, including both traditional and non-traditional forms of media, allowing me to fully explore the options and opportunities for every project. Being able to leverage the expertise of my colleagues at Klick in a collaborative way to explore solutions that are appropriate for our clients has inspired the creative team to explore new and innovative solutions. As Klick Health’s Vice President of Creative Services, I have worked extensively with a variety of high profile health clients producing innovative and interactive solutions.

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

Wellbeing is like a good friend – it makes even small things that much better. When I see first-hand how life changes come from work in healthcare, it’s always the magnitude that blows my mind. How many other sectors impact a person’s entire life as much as health? When a cancer patient receives treatment, she feels better. She’s optimistic. She gets another birthday with her son, another anniversary with her husband. If these sound like clichés, I’d challenge you to find someone who isn’t passionate about making the life better for others. I’m just lucky enough to have made that passion into a career.

What excites you about technology and its role in healthcare?

The most important technologies – from the printing press to the cell phone – bring us closer together. They create communities where they wouldn’t have been possible. And where is conversation more important than in healthcare? Patients can feel scared, alone, confused, isolated. What excites me the most about technology in healthcare is how social media has brought these people together. Now, they can inform and reassure each other anywhere in the world with a few clicks. Technology will continue to let people help each other and I can’t wait to see how.

What are your passions outside of work?

A life long fan of the Martial Arts I have trained in Judo and Muay Thai and am a huge fan of the UFC. On the weekends I can be found exploring my interests in film, photography, interior design and preparing for the arrival of my wife’s and my first child.

Areas of Expertise