Brian O’Donnell

About Brian

With executive management experience in both multinational advertising agencies as well as niche interactive shops, Brian is a respected leader in the digital marketing space.

Before making the transition to the online world, Brian started his communications career in traditional marketing acquiring experience in verticals such as CPG, healthcare, financial, automotive, and technology.

Foreseeing the shift towards digital media, Brian helped pioneer the evolution of a top-ten traditional agency by launching an extremely successful digital marketing division.

His cross-disciplinary experience has proven to be instrumental in helping tier-one clients develop integrated strategies to meet both brand marketing and demand generation objectives.

A majority of Brian’s time is now spent on developing innovative pharmaceutical marketing strategies for the online channel. In this regard, Brian continues to build an extremely talented team at Klick Health focused on reaching both empowered patients and healthcare professionals in the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

I’ve had the opportunity to co-present on multiple occasions with e-Patient Dave who often says that “patient is not a third person term”. This statement rings true on a personal level as serious health issues have affected many loved ones around me. This takes healthcare from an abstract concept to something that is meaningful on a personal level. With a background in technology and communications, I see great opportunity to apply these skills to a category that is important and in way that makes a tangible difference.

What excites you about technology and its role in healthcare?

A great way to improve health outcomes is to make better decisions about lifestyle, prevention, and interventions. Technology and applied data has a unique role to play in helping drive these improved decisions. At Klick Health, we are on the forefront of developing innovative ways to surface data in ways that drive behavior change and help both patients and healthcare providers make better choices. If one considers the application of Moore’s Law, the potential of intersection of wireless health, smartphone ubiquity, and other web technologies becomes quite interesting in their combined (and increasing) ability to drive towards healthier outcomes.

What are your passions outside of work?

Although I have many hobbies, my true passion rests with my young children. With lots of travel and a hectic work schedule, I truly value the time that I get to spend together with them. Slowing down to walk a mile in their little shows helps put things in perspective and reinforce my decision to focus on helping to improve healthcare.

Areas of Expertise